mmm020 Sunday, September 9, 2012


20th music meeting (September 9, 2012)

[If you're wondering what happened to the minutes for mm 19 are, be informed that PHEW! 09 & mm 19 were combined in the Babelization Party on Sept 2, 2012, & that the movie that I'll probably make from that will function as the minutes (sortof)]






Ben Opie



tENT sits on steps

Rob arrives

Matt arrives

We go inside

tENT shows his VHS video series of his (M)Usic Vaudios:

"VAUDIO" (work from 1980-1989)

""Official" Thistory" (work from 1990-1993)

"UNCERTS" (work from 1991-1996)

"Anonymous Family Reunion" (1997)

"millenarianism - volume one" (work from 1992-2000)

tENT plays the Volunteers Collective XXVI session (1996) footage excerpt from "UNCERTS" that features the 1st time he & Ben Opie played together

Ben Opie appears on cue

tENT plays the "Frothing Catatonic Siamese Twins Volunteers Collective XXVII d composing Mozart Release Party" movie from the very 1st party he threw in Pittsburgh in 1996 from "UNCERTS"

Rob plays Ol' Dirty Bastard's song "Brooklyn Zoo"

tENT shows the "John Cage meets Sun Ra" LP

tENT tells story about pompous academic claiming that Cage only used one technique for preparing piano

Ben shows Albert Ayler's "Bells" in a new ESP edition that's both clear vinyl & w/ the title printed across it

tENT shows the Get Back edition of the same record wch is clear but w/o the special printing

Matt plays his "String Quartet Music" as played by The Jack Quartet

tENT shows movies of his collaboration w/ instrument builder Neil Feather:

"A Cue Stick Guitar Duet" & "Durham Duet"

Ben shows us some porn soundtrack CDs

& we listen to some tracks from "Lialeh" composed & played by renowned funk drummer Bernard Purdy:

"All Pink on the Inside"

Talking about changing standards of what's allowed on the radio has led to the playing of "Let Me Smell Your Dick"

Ben plays "Pass Me Not" from the same porn CD - "Straight-up gospel!" - Matt

Then "Hap'nin" from "Laileh" again - wch begins w/ a nice drum bit

tENT shows some of his collaborative peep show movie

"Balling Tim Ore is Best"

Ben plays radio spots from "Sex, Sleaze, and Soul" CD:

"Some of my Best friends Are"

"Bucktown Theme"


"Breaker Breaker"

Rob shows his new "Can't Live Without It" music video

Rob plays "Exotic Beatles II" cover of "Rain"

Ben & tENT play "Good Times Roll" by the Rutles

Caleb shows up sometime around here

Matt plays a bit of Aaron Copland's atonal pieces

"Connotations for Orchestra" (1962) & "Inscape" (1967?)

Ben plays Matthew Rosenblum's "Harp Quartet" (1978) on an Opus One LP

tENT plays Richard Cameron-Wolff's "Krie (Mantra) II" for prepared piano & flute on an Opus One LP

tENT shows Franz Kamin's LP on Station Hill & plays a bit of "Behavioral Drift II"

Rob & Ben & Matt leave & tENT & Caleb hang out & talk




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