mmm021 Sunday, October 7, 2012


21st music(ian's) meeting (October 7, 2012)




Ben Opie



Ben arrives

tENT talks about getting Visionstation & home entertainment equipment given to him & wondering where he's going to squeeze it in

tENT shows Ben "Ben Opie" the silent movie he made for Sync'd 5 that Ben'll be playing the soundtrack for

Ben talks about Willem Breuker Collective performance at CMU - their last tour in the US

Rob arrives & shows great Dali in bed foto w/ Dali having some sort of light ray emitting device on top of his head, he also shows a foto of a "song-o-meter" in action measuring the loudness of kids' singing & a foto of a woman wearing a potato chip bra made for some convention or some such!

Rob talks about the bk he's reading about John Cage entitled Where the Heart Beats & reads about?/from? it

Talking about Cage & Cunningham

tENT plays the beginning of Charles Atlas' movie entitled Merce Cunningham - A Lifetime of Dance

tENT plays the beginning of Timothy Carey's movie entitled The World's Greatest Sinner w/ music from the very young (21?) Frank Zappa


Rob talks about Zappa's sense of his work being all one big piece, ie: his sense of continuity

tENT plays the beginning of the "Who is Rufus Harley" DVD about a jazz bagpiper THANKS BRAINPANG FOR SENDING THIS!

Rob plays his new music video "Theme for Jeff Bernadini"

Rob plays parts of City of Glass - Stan Kenton plays Bob Graettinger

tENT is very impressed by this music & wants to seek out more!

Ben talks about Graettinger's music + Irwin Chusid's bk Music in the Key of Zero wch has a chapter on Graettinger

tENT shows another Finnadar record - hearkening back to the previous mm where Ilhan Mimaroglu was featured - Mimaroglu published Finnadar - this LP was from George Flynn on piano

Ben plays a little of the Into Outer Space with Lucia Pamela CD - she's also in the Chusid bk

tENT plays the beginning of a Frankie Capri video - he was a PGH musician/showman who usta play at the Liberty Bell & the Lava Lounge, sortof an Elvis imitator, but not really..

tENT plays all of Ligeti's "Concerto for Piano and Orchestra"

tENT plays a little of George Russell's "Electronic Sonata"

Ben plays "Not of this Earth!" the film music of Ronald Stein - once again demonstrating that some good music was made for some pretty shitty films such as The Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (wch I certainly remember from my childhood) - a better film that he did the soundtrack for being Spider Baby (aka Cannibal Orgy)

Ben tells us that the 1st Talking Heads show in PGH was in a pizza shop at Forbes & Craig that only held about 30 to 50 people - ditto for the Ramones

Ben leaves

tENT plays some of the Enclosure Two: Harry Partch CD set that Ben loaned him - probably to show him an even better collection of Partch songs than the one on New World (w/ Cage on the flip side) that Spat had mentioned

tENT plays his own "Sequence 117b: Upper 3 Revivified Vibes Driver (augmented)" from 1997 - a sampler piece he made using samples of him playing vibraphone - positively perky!

Rob has been proposing a Schoenberg mm so he & tENT discussed this. As some of you know, tENT recently spent a considerable amt of time recording 21 cassettes worth of Schoenberg's music organized in chronological order. Having done this, he has a group of favorites.

Therefore, tENT proposes this selection:



tape 1 (120 minutes), side 1:


*13v2 * Verklärte Nacht [Transfigured night], Op. 4 (1899) LP (boxset: vol 2)

*14v1 * 8 Brettllieder [8 Cabaret songs] (1901) LP


tape 1 (120 minutes), side 2:


*15v2 * Pelleas und Melisande, Op. 5 (1902/03) CD


tape 2 (120 minutes), side 1:


*20 * 6 Lieder [6 Songs] with orchestra, Op. 8 (1903/05) LP (boxset: vol 5)

*24v3 * Kammersymphonie [Chamber symphony] no. 1, E major, Op. 9 (1906) CD


tape 2 (120 minutes), side 2:


*27 * String Quartet no. 2, F-sharp minor (with Soprano), Op. 10 (1907/08) LP(s)

*30v2 * Fünf Orchesterstücke [5 Pieces for Orchestra], Op. 16 (1909) LP


tape 3 (120 minutes), side 1:


*31 * Erwartung [Expectation], monodrama in one act, [for soprano and orchestra], Op. 17 (1909) Library CD 26:45 - Sir Simon Rattle conducting the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group w/ Phyllis Bryn-Julson, soprano

*32v1 * Drei Kleine Stucke (akaThree Little Orchestra Pieces) (1910) LP (filed under: Mainstream) - 2:41

*35 * Sechs Kleine Klavierstücke [6 Little piano pieces], Op. 19 (1911) LP

*36v2 * Herzgewächse [Foliage of the heart] for Soprano, Op. 20 (1911) CD


tape 3 (120 minutes), side 2:


*37v3 * Pierrot lunaire, Op. 21 (1912) CD (v3 - 3: English)

*39 * Mahler: Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen [Songs of a Wayfarer] (arr. 1920: voice, flute, clarinet, harmonium, piano, 2 violins, viola, violoncello, double bass, percussion) Library CD 16:30


tape 4 (90 (it cd've been 74) minutes), side 1:


*42v1 * Serenade, Op. 24 (1920/23) LP - 31:23


tape 4 (90 (it cd've been 74) minutes), side 2:


*45 * Suite for Piano, Op. 25 [the arrangement of Brahms' "Piano Quartet in G minor" is also identified as "Op. 25" so that must be the Brahms opus #] (1921/23) LP - 15:34

*52v1 * 3 Satiren [3 Satires], Op. 28 (1925/26) + Anhang LP (boxset: vol 6) - 13:36


tape 5 (74 minutes), side 1:


*53 * Suite, for septet, Op. 29 (1925) LP (boxset: vol 6) - 25:26

*61 * Begleitmusik zu einer Lichtspielszene [Accompanying music to a film scene], Op. 34 (1930) LP; CD [this latter is just a rerelease of the former] - 8:24


tape 5 (74 minutes), side 2:


*65 * Suite in G major for string orchestra ("In the Old Style") (1934) LP (boxset: vol 5) - 27:10


tape 16 (120 minutes), both sides, of the overall retrospective:


*63 * Moses und Aron [Moses and Aaron], opera in three acts (1930­32, unfinished) LP (boxset)


tape 7 (74 minutes), side 1:


*70 * Violin Concerto, Op. 36 (1934/36) LP - 33:41


tape 7 (74 minutes), side 2:


*77v1 * Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte for Voice, Piano and String Quartet, Op. 41a (1942). Musical setting of Lord Byron's poem of the same name. LP (boxset: vol 7) - 15:32

*78 * Piano Concerto, Op. 42 (1942) LP - 21:46


tape 8 (60 minutes), side 1:


*81 * I am almost sure, when your nurse will change your diapers (for Artur Rodzinsky on the birth of his son Richard) (Bärenreiter XXVIII) (March 1945) (4 voices) LP (boxset: vol 8) - 1:13

*82 * Prelude to Genesis Suite for Chorus and Orchestra, Op. 44 (1945) LP (boxset: vol 2) - 5:24

*83 * String Trio, Op. 45 (1946) LP (boxset: vol 7) - 21:33


tape 8 (60 minutes), side 2:


*84 * A Survivor from Warsaw, Op. 46 (1947) LP - 7:15

*85v1 * Phantasy for Violin and Piano, Op. 47 (1949) LP (boxset: vol 7) - 8:35

*90 * Modern psalm, Op. 50c (1950, unfinished) LP (boxset: vol 8) - 5:37


A mere 862 minutes or 14 hrs, 22 minutes!! We cd probably stretch that over 5 mms!! Waddya say, folks?! Alright, that's probably too much for everybody but I'll do it if anyone's game. On the other hand, we cd pick a side of tape to play every once in awhile. Also, we cd check out the entire (unfinished) opera "Moses und Aaron" wch I, tENT, have a copy of.



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