mmm023 Sunday, November 25, 2012


The mailing list for this has been trimmed - cutting out people who've never attended an mm or participated online or expressed current interest.

23rd music(ian)'s meeting (November 25, 2012)







Ben Opie


Spat made a very welcome appearance after having been gone to Leeds since mm 15 (July 15, 2012)

tENT reads this excerpt from an online article entitled "Harry Partch and Kenneth Anger":

"Did Harry Partch, as has been reported in various places, actually score the first version Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome? Yes and no. The consensus seems to be that he was an unwilling participant. Anger may have edited the film to the rhythms of Partch's Plectra and Percussion Dances, but when the composer was approached for permission he refused to be associated with the project, and Anger had to make another plan. Here are some miscellaneous remarks about it.

"Underground Film by P. Adams Sitney mentions the four different versions of the film. "The first, which no one to my knowledge has seen, was edited to a sound track by Harry Partch."

""Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome of 1954 was originally meant to have a soundtrack by the eccentric avant-garde composer Harry Partch, who then withdrew the permission to use it." Phil Johnson said this in a 2001 article in The Independent, although nobody else seems to be saying that any permission had ever been given in the first place.

"Thomas Draschan says the film was "initially conceived by Anger as having the music of Harry Partch Partch, however, did not give Anger permission to use his Plectra and Percussion Dances as the film's soundtrack. Anaïs Nin tried to persuade her musician friend that there was a close affinity between the film and his music, but it was no use." Draschan says Janacek's Glagolitic Mass was what Anger "eventually ended up choosing to fill the space left by Partch's refusal.""

Talking about Robert Johnson 78 record at Jerry's

tENT gives Matt & Ben back the stuff he'd borrowed from them

tENT gives Ben the latest issue of RAMPIKE magazine w/ tENT's piece "J from A to Z" in it b/c Ben had helped a little w/ that piece by suggesting 3 jazz songs

Multiple versions of "J from A to Z" are videoed w/ Matt playing French Horn, Ben playing alto sax, tENT singing, & Spat, Matt, & Rob singing (following a suggestion of Rob's)

Rob brings up that Miles Davis is reputed to've disparagingly referred to Ornette Coleman's free jazz by saying that Lennie Tristano had done that before'

General discussion of Lennie Tristano & Django Reinhardt as precursors of free jazz

SO, Rob plays us Tristano's "Inutition" (1955) wch is generally credited as the 1st free jazz piece

This is followed by Tristano's "Untitled Blues"

Talking about sound engineer Tom Dowd who recorded Ornette Coleman's "Free Jazz" record & who had been a physicist on the Manhattan Project before he was a sound engineer

tENT mentions Bern Porter, who had also worked on the Manhattan Project, who then went on to edit the pioneering Found Poems bk

Rob & Ben talking about passive aggressive roommate notes

tENT plays Coleman's "Free Jazz"

Spat leaves around here (We miss you Spat!)

Rob plays jazz song he recorded off the radio & asked Ben if he cd identify it (Rob didn't know whose work it was)

Matt played his "Tief im der Herzen von Texas" chamber music piece that includes a "bad German translation" of "Deep in the Heart of Texas" as its lyrics & has an amplified mandolin - it starts off somewhat lively & ends on a prolonged entropic Morton Feldman-esque sequence

Ben plays some of his most recent Flexure CD from the ongoing series at the Thunderbird Café

Ben & Matt leave

tENT plays some of the Invisibles' "The New Obsolete" DVD

Rob leaves



I forgot that Ben also played "J from A to Z" on organ

& that Matt played it on piano

& that Rob videoed tENT playing it on piano while singing

Here're some fotos that Spat took of this process:


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