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25th music(ian)'s meeting (December 23, 2012)











If there's one thing that the 'holiday season' makes me thankful for it's that I get a chance to see more friends than usual. Frank's schedule was freed up so he cd come, Spat was in town for the holidays so he cd come, Amy's back to living w/ me, & Anthony had some free time for a change! All in all, thx to all these wonderful folks being able to be present, this was a great meeting!

tENT had some of his pirate radio show discs playing in his recently refurbished attic so that when people arrived he cd take them up there & have something already playing

Frank arrives

tENT & Frank talk about Nicolas Schöffer whose record is there for Frank to look at

tENT shows Frank the cover of Stockhausen's "Proczession" w/ the picture of the Schöffer sculpture on it

Rob arrives & shows Merce Cunningham bk edited by James Klosky that he got at a Goodwill

Ben arrives

Spat arrives (straight from the airport!)

tENT takes everybody up to the attic & Amy joins in

Ben gives tENT Mingus Town Hall concert CD

Ben gives Rob & Spat & Frank & tENT his latest Flexure release:

w/ a different cover for each double-disc copy

tENT gives Ben ""Ben Opie" @ Sync'd 5" DVD-R

Ben loans tENT "Sounds of North American Frogs" CD for him to use somehow in his proposed "Rasps" 'performance'

tENT shows Futura episode intro for the sake of playing the theme song wch isn't credited except for, perhaps, to a "Christopher Tyng" wch is a different name that who Spat says composed the music (what's that name again Spat?)

tENT then plays Pierre Henry's & Michel Columbier's "Psyché Rock" from their "Messe pour le Temps Presents" wch is almost identical to the Futurama theme song & wch Spat tells us is, yeah, a remix

Amy talks about Jenna Osmond lecturing about Cage & Cunningham, etc..

Anthony arrives!

Ben plays Bollywood Horror DVD movie "Purana Mandir" but FIRST Spat describes a Bollywood movie he saw in Leeds that's completely outlandish!

tENT plays Cage's "Song Books" CD that he got from his friend Stefan Szczelkun in London that's from a recent performance at the Toynbee Theater

tENT passes around his Cage folder from his voluminous files - wch includes this program from a Cage memorial concert that tENT performed in in 1993:

Spat talks about 1st Moslem sitcom called "Citizen Khan" wch is on British tv now

Amy talks about there having been a Cage 100th anniversary fest in Boulder

tENT gives away CD-Rs of his recent pirate radio shows

Ben takes 8, Frank & Spat each take 12, Anthony takes 10, Amy takes all of the offered 7-12

Anthony talks about the Winter Solstice thing he misses in Chicago organized by Michael Zerang & friend

Spat talking about going to the last Chumbawumba concert in Leeds, where they're from

Rob plays the Johnny Otis Show's "Country Girl" w/ Johnny Otis's teenage song Shuggy Otis playing guitar

Anthony plays Nate Young regression Vol. 3 Other Days Fourteen tracks for lathe cuts, tape loops, electronics, synthesizer - recorded Dec 2011-Jan 2012

Anthony saw Young at the recent the Shop show & sd it was great

Young was/is part of (?) Wolf Eyes so Ben talked about the Wolf Eyes / Anthony Braxton CD

tENT admits that b/c he's been making 'noise-music' since the 1970s he's a bit dismissive of the newer noise-music 'stars' like Wolf Eyes (w/o even really knowing their music)

Talking about Manny Theiner, talking about Manny belly-dancing at Envy

Spat talks about online "Manny Theiner Post Generator"

Spat plays an Oi Polloi song in Gaelic re Linux

[post-mm clarification: Robbie, Jasmine's dad, was the roommate of Calum who was Julie's husband & the bass-player of Oi Polloi - Robbie wasn't in Oi Polloi]

Ben tries to remember the name of a part of England in the southwest that is separatist - tENT brings the "The Inversion of the World" atlas for Ben to try to locate it on (this is an atlas that has oceans as land & vice-versa)

[post-mm clarification from an email from Ben: "The region of England I was trying to remember was Cornwall. This was in regards to a discussion concerning British separatists and Gaelic language supporters. According to a television broadcast I saw, many Cornish citizens (which is part of my heritage) consider themselves Cornish rather than English, and have something of a local dialect."]

[further post-mm clarification from an email from Rob: "and according to an NPR feature i heard this morning on my way to work, the folks who support cornish separation have their own christmas message that's an alternative to queen elizabeth's. some of the folks who have addressed the cornish nation have been jesse jackson and the president of iran, but 8 years ago it was a message from lisa simpson of the SIMPSONS. she's chanting "free cornwall now," and then she says it in Kernewek: "rhydhsys rag kernow lemmyn.""]

Anthony plays Graveyard's "Cinders" (I can't read my writing here - is that right, Anthony?) record (another Detroit project)

Rob initiates discussion of what music we feel is ok to hear recorded vs what we think is best live Anthony plays live electronic music by Eric Lanham (again, my borderline legible handwriting makes me uncertain about the name) "The Sincere Interruption" LP

Ben puts on Aldo Ciccolini playing Satie's "Nocturnes"

Ben figures out that it was Christopher Hobbs who played the full-length version of Satie's "Le Fils des étoiles"

Spat leaves

tENT mentions that Hobbs was in AMM & plays Christopher Hobbs' "Aran" from the Obscure 2 LP that Brian Eno published

Talking about Derek Bailey

tENT plays quartet version on Obscure 8 of Gavin Bryars' "The Squirrel & the Rickety-Rackety Bridge" wch Bryars composed for Bailey to force him to play differently from his usual improv ways

tENT plays Bailey's solo realization of "The Squirrel & the Rickety-Rackety Bridge" (for one player w/ 2 guitars) on his solo Incus 2 release

tENT plays an example of prepared guitar music that he publishes on a tape by his old friend Donald Sauter: George Barker's 1892 "Plunkety Plunk Schottische"

Rob leaves

Amy talks about a player piano rendition of Mallarmé's "A Throw of the Dice will never Abolish Chance" poem & shows us video from this online

Ben directs Amy to the Speaking Piano thing online

tENT plugs his collaborative piece w/ Mark Dixon, "Selectric Piano"

Amy shows part of an online version of the above-mentioned "Selectric Piano"

tENT plays Conlon Nancarrow music & mentions his friend Rob Johnston from Toronto (RIP) who worked w/ Nancarrow

Amy quotes Christian Bök online saying "They translate the insulin propeptid into music for guitars"

Anthony talks about starling's imitating humans on a recording (wch he's been unable to find since hearing it)

Ben plays Jason Moran's 2002 "The Bandwagon" CD w/ speech-music sync between his piano & music w/ the vocal prerecorded & him playing live along w/ the voice

Frank leaves

Ben plays The Jaki Byard Experience Sept 17, 1968 CD w/ Roland Kirk, Richard Davis, & Alan Dawson on wch Kirk plays some remarkably forceful circular-breathing

Anthony leaves

Ben leaves

tENT plays Mimaroglu's "The Tomb of Edgar Allen Poe" for Amy b/c it uses a poem by Mallarmé

A good time was had by all (I hope)



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