mmm030 Sunday, September 15, 2013


30th music(ian's) meeting (September 15, 2013)












Frank arrives, he gives me 1st dibs on his record giveaways & I try to not be too greedy so I just pick the 2 most important to me:

"The Music of William Grant Still"

& an Alfred Cortot LP made from piano rolls

(Cortot was a pianist praised by composer/pianist Richard Cameron-Wolfe - I just learned from Richard recently that he's currently going blind)

& then we hang out on my front steps drinking beer awaiting others

Rob arrives, also w/ beer

Ben arrives & I ask him to play the new duet version of "Titin - for 76 keys" w/ me. SO, while Frank & Rob continue to hang outside, I, tENT, take Ben inside & show him the score & explain it to him.

SPAT ARRIVES (ALSO w/ beer)! We haven't had the pleasure of his company for something like 9 mnths since he's been living in Leeds. WE MISS YOU SPAT!!

Hyla arrives

Kenny arrives

We socialize a bit more than usual b/c it's so rare for this particular crew to get together.

Rob starts his CD giveaway:

tENT takes Benjamin Britten's "War Requiem" (wch I'm listening to right now & liking more than any Britten I've heard so far) & "Electric Psychedelic Sitar Headswirlers Vol. 8" (wch I listened to yesterday & found somewhat interesting - esp b/c it seems to be an unauthorized reissue of work along the lines of a mix tape that's obviously put together by enthusiasts fairly knowledgeable about the subject of psychedelic music w/ sitar - it includes work by fairly well-known rock bands like Iron Butterfly & Humble Pie & the also fairly well known folk-rocker John Renbourne)

Rob passes around some "Songlines 'Top of the World'" CDs that he gets free from the library b/c they come w/ a magazine (?) that the library gets - but they don't bother w/ cataloging the CDs. These CDs feature "Ten tracks from the best new releases + 5 playlist tracks chosen by" a guest curator. I don't know if anyone took any of these - there were 4 of them left over at the end of the nite so I reckon they're in my collection now. I haven't listened to any of them yet (they're up next after the Britten) & I haven't heard of most or all of the people whose work is on them so it looks like I'm going to learn about some new folks - always a valuable experience. THX Rob!

Spat gives tENT a "Zappa for President" patch

[I'm listening to the 1st track of Songlines 89 now - it's "The Hot 8 Brass Band"'s "Steamin' Blues" & it's lively enuf to be interesting for me..]

Ben talks about some movies in wch passing mention of PGH were made..

This leads to talk of famous PGH musicians (a recurring topic at mm)..

This leads to Hyla mentioning Mary Lou Williams..

This leads to tENT mentioning Williams & Cecil Taylor's double-record set wch we all agree we shd listen to but then that doesn't happen.. MAYBE NEXT TIME, eh?

Ben talks about pianist / radio show host Marian McPartland playing w/ Cecil Taylor on air

tENT gives Spat his long-overdue 3 MM 26 CDs (that Kenny shd've given him 4 mnths ago!) & Spat buys 10 of them at $10 apiece! Thusly bringing tENT's income from the CDs up to $315 - around $200 shy of his investment.. tENT gives Hyla a MM 26 CD too - hopefully she'll contribute to the next one (if there IS a next one)

Spat talks about the recent Penny Rimbaud / Gee Vaucher show in Leeds

[I'm up to the 4th Songlines track now & I must compliment it on being very international]

tENT gives away Keith Laumer's bk entitled "The Undefeated" to Frank

tENT gives away his extra "Buddy Nutt & his Musical Saw" CD to Rob

tENT takes a Leopold Kozeluch LP from Frank (I listened to this yesterday - there's a particularly remarkable "Symphonie Concertante in E-flat Major" (1789) that features Mandolin, Trumpet, Piano, & Contrabass as soloists!!)

[I have to interpolate here that I'm glad we all have such diverse tastes b/c these giveaways are fantastic! I've totally enjoyed everything I've gotten so far! I'm up to track 6 on the Songlines CD & it's amazingly international! If it were a CD of all pop songs from 1 country I wdn't be that interested but the mix of nationalities is wonderful!]

Ben takes a CRI LP from Frank that has Francis Thorne's "Liebesrock" on it

Hyla takes the "Misa Flamenca" LP from Frank for our friend Carolina Loyola-Garcia who recently made a movie on Flamenco culture - Hyla's not sure if Carolina has a record player (&, as I recall, Hyla doesn't) so if she doesn't I'd be delighted to take that record too!

Spat takes Alastair Cooke's "This is America" & the "Misa Flamenca" LPs so I reckon Hyla decided Carolina doesn't have a record player..

Kenny takes the "I Musici" LP from Frank wch has Hindemith & others on it

Rob takes the "Cantos de España" LP from Frank (but leaves it behind later so now tENT has it - it's actually pretty good & the last track on side 1 uses that technique of playing guitar like it's a snare drum that tENT tried to find a track of & failed on a Flamenco LP at mm 27)

Spat talks about learning to speak Nederlans b/c his wife, Wendy, is from the Netherlands

tENT shows the latest stage of his "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" sound sculpture in his backyard

tENT & Ben play tENT's "Titin - for 76 keys" duet for acoustic & electric piano - we both fuck it up but not TOO horribly)

Hyla shows DVD of "Middle East & Africa I" - specifically:

"Dance of the Knives" from Turkey

"Dance from the Black Sea Region" from Turkey

& Whirling Dervishes from Turkey

Spat shows "Solex Ahoy! The Sound Map of the Netherlands" - he explains that Solex is a woman who does collaborative mixing projects - in this case she traveled tha waterways of the Netherlands collaborating w/ local musicians of renown - we checked the Utrecht one wch featured a guy playing a "Football-pump Clarinet" - a football pump w/ a clarinet mouthpiece on it

tENT show the beginning of his labor-intensive work-in-progress "Titin" pt 2b

Hyla talks about being in the West Bank & checking out the "Arab Idol" tv show wch she witnessed at a hookah bar in Ramallah

Rob plays Louis Nye singing "Teenage Beatnik"

Rob plays Tegan & Sara track on CD

Kenny plays Flo Cassinelli LP - PGH '70s jazz - Cassinelli plays Tenor Sax

Kenny plays "Gods & Demons in Bolivia"


tENT & Ben play "Titin" again in an attempt to get it right & keep fucking it up - the last take isn't TOO bad but some rhythm machine sound briefly intrudes at one point

Ben plays test pressing of the upcoming Flexure "Insert Title Here" LP - a studio recording made at the New Hazlett Theater

Ben loans tENT 2 CDs: Conlon Nancarrow's "Orchestral, Chamber, and Piano Music" & the complete version of Erik Satie's "Le Fils des Étoiles" wch we shd've listened to but didn't get around too

Kenny plays Scriabin's "Prelude No. 21" using a score actually from the original publishing time!! KENNY!; I have to borrow those scores & copy them! I might actually be able to play one or more of those single page Scriabin scores & I'd like to try them!!

Anthony plays "Nmperign" LP "I am Sitting in a Fucking Room" wch reminds tENT that he has to show video one of these days of a St Paul dance troupe that used a version of HiTEC's "Brain-In-A-Vat" as its soundtrack

Anthony plays another "Nmperign" LP

tENT plays Domick Argento's "Letters from Composers" - the J. S. Bach letter

Ben leaves

Anthony plays Mark Fell LP - he's in a group called "SND"

Kenny shows us a "15¢" video on YouTube on his cellphone

tENT plays a Billy Graham picture disc flexi-disc wch is at 78rpm!

Anthony corrects tENT when he calls it a "floppy-disc" (Anthony's right)

Spat leaves

tENT plays Clint Hoover Trio's "On This Day" CD - specifically the "Sister Sadie" track by Horace Silver - Clint's a great harmonica player who's moved to PGH & who came to mm 27 & the Crucible Sound MM 26 release event

tENT plays George Rochberg's "Ukiyo-E" harp solo w/ amazing harp playing by Marcella Decray

Hyla & Frank & Anthony & Rob & Kenny leave around 10:30 but Anthony & Frank & tENT end up hanging out on tENT's stoop for another hr talking about autism & inoculations & the economics of medicine, etc..




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