mmm031 Sunday, October 6, 2013


mmm 31- October 6, 2013










Ben arrives

Clint arrives

talk of Theremins (Ben & Clint both have & play them)

Hyla arrives


tENT explains his new Pi duet for 2 X 76 keys to Ben

Rob arrives

Ben & tENT play Pi 76 duet twice (the 2nd time's a winner!)

Ben tells story about meeting a concentration camp survivor who knew Ligetti & about their recent moving sale at wch he bought some Ligetti CDs from him

Ben gives away Ligetti CD wch tENT is lucky to get

We listened to the Cello Concerto on the Ligetti CD w/ the incredible Siegfried Palm playing

Hyla plays Sofia Gubaidulina's "In Croce" for bayan & cello(?)

tENT plays Tui St. George Tucker's "Indian Summer"

Rob plays Billy Preston (September 2, 1946 ­ June 6, 2006) funk instrumental & remarks that a song like that cdn't make it as a hit anymore

Rob plays his "Live Forever" song - 1st version, the improv one, by "The Moustache Brothers" (in this case him & his friend Isaac), 2nd version, the rock one, by "King Edward's Orchestra" (Rob & a drummer friend)

Ben plays Oskar Sala's "My Fascinating Instrument" (the Mixturtrautonium)


Women Composers


Akiyoshi, Toshiko

Alexander, Kathryn

Alrich, Alexis

Amacher, Maryanne

Amalia, Anna (Princess of Prussia)

Amalia, Anna (Duchess of Saxe-Weimar)

Anderson, Beth

Anderson, Laurie

Anderson, Ruth

Andrews, Nancy

Apple, Jacki

Aufderheide, May

Avram, Ana Maria

Bacewicz, Grazyna

Bal, Nadine

Barkin, Elaine

Baueer, Marion

Beach, Amy Marcy Cheney

Beckley, Connie

Beecroft, Norma

Beglarian, Eve

Benary, Barbara

Bene, An

Beyer, Johanna M.

Blake, Charlotte

Bley, Carla

Bogan, Lucille (aka Jackson, Bessie)

Borroff, Edith

Boulanger, Lili

Byrne, Madelyn

Caccini, Francesca

Cameron, Allison

Chaminade, Cécile

Chance, Nancy Laird

Ciani, Suzanne

Clarke, Rebecca

Cooper, Lindsay

Cory, Eleanor

Cox, Ida

Cozad, Irene

Cross, Tara

Culbertson, Dawn


Darge, Moniek

de la Guerre, Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet

Derome, Nathalie

Diemer, Emma Lou

Dobyns, Geraldine

Donceanu, Felicia

Downing, E. Elizabeth

Drucker, Heidi

Dzaza, Zouka

Eklund, Roberta

Erb, Elke

Farrenc, Jeanne-Louise Dumont

Fine, Vivian

Freeman, Lori

Frith, Julie

Galas, Diamanda

Giblin, Irene

Gideon, Miriam

Giles, Imogene

Glanville-Hicks, Peggy

Grant, Coot (aka Wilson, Viola B.)

Greenwald, Jan

Gubaidulina, Sofia

Gyring, Elizabeth

Hagan, Nina

Harkey, Sue Ann

Haimsohn, Jana

Hall, Pauline

Hasnas, Irina

Hayden, Carrie V.

Hays, Doris

Hensel, Fanny Mendelssohn

Héritte-Viardot, Louise Pauline Marie

Hernàndez, Gisela

Heyward, Julia

Higdon, Jennifer

Hildegard of Bingen

Hoover, Katherine

Hovda, Eleanor

Howe, Mary

Hurley, Susan

Hurvitz, Sandy

Ivy, Jean Eichelberger

Jaffe, Debbie

Johnson, Lil

Jolas, Betsy

Jones, Sianed

Kimper, Paula

Knight, Cheri

Knowles, Alison

Kolb, Barbara

Kruisbrink, Annette

Ladik, Katalin

Lang, Josephine

Larsen, Libby

Leandre, Joëlle

Leonarda, Isabella

Lerner, Marilyn

Letarte, Genevieve

Lockwood, Annea

MacGregor, Laurie

McLean, Priscilla

McKechnie, Licorice

Mamlock, Ursula

Mendelssohn, Fanny

Mitchell, Joni

Monach, Greta

Monk, Meredith

Montano, Linda

Musgrave, Thea

Newlin, Dika

Niebergall, Julia Lee

Oliveros, Pauline

Ono, Yoko

Oyens, Tera de Marez

Parks, Mary

Peebles, Sarah

Perry, Julia

Pierce, Alexandra

Pollin, Claire

Ran, Shulamit

Reichardt, Louise

Richter, Marga

Robert, Jocelyn

Roberts, Megan

Rogers, Alva

Schonthal, Ruth

Schumann, Clara Wieck

Seeger, Ruth Crawford

Semegen, Daria

Shankman, Janet

Sharp, Rebby

Shepherd, Adaline

Shields, Alice

Silsbee, Ann

Silver, Sheila

Silverman, Faye-Ellen

Smiley, Pril

Smith, Linda

Sonami, Laetitia deCompiegne

Spiegel, Laurie

St. George Tucker, Tui

Strozzi, Barbara

Swados, Elizabeth


Szonyi, Erzsébet

Szymanowska, Maria

Tailleferre, Germaine

Talma, Louise

Tilles, Nurit

Tower, Joan

Tutti, Cosey Fanni

Ulehla, Ludmila

van Appledorn, Mary Jeanne

Van de Vate, Nancy

Viardot-Garcia, Pauline

von Paradis, Maria Theresia

Wallach, Joelle

Watson, Mary Baugh

Westerkamp, Hildegarde

Witkin, Beatrice

Wolfe, Julia

Yelvington, Gladys

Young, Gayle

Zaimont, Judith Lang

Zwilich, Ellen Taaffe


Ben talks about Electro-Theremin, a one-of-a-kind instrument made by Moog & used on the Beach Boys's "Good Vibrations"

SPAT ARRIVES!! (unfortunately he's in the country for his grandmother's funeral)

Ben sells 2 Flexure LPS: one to Spat & one to Hyla (THX to both of you for supporting this fantastic work!) [I'm on my 4th playing of it now]

tENT shows "Jail Jones / Free Duane" LP 'hoax' by the Feral Family & we talk about Duane Jones, a local guitarist

Clint plays "Sheng Music from China" LP (in Japan the Sheng is a "Sho") - the record features a modern keyed Sheng - Clint them shows us an actual old style 17 pipe Sheng - the Sheng is the original free reed instrument

Spat talks about being in Bejing recently during the most polluted day on record

Hyla plays track 8 of Toumani Piabate's (sp? my handwriting is horrible here) "The Mandé Variations" performed on Kora

Hyla gives the CD to Clint (it was intended for Kenny but he's not here)

tENT talks about Robert Helps as a pianist & a composer & shows a box-set of Helps playing piano - tENT then plays a record of David del Tredici playing a Helps piano piece that Helps sd was too hard for himself to play - if I remember correctly, del Tredici 1st played it at age 17 - an incredible accomplishment

tENT plays Messiaen's "Eight Preludes" (composed when he was 20!) played by Messiaen's wife Yvonne Loriod - tENT reads Messiaen's color descriptions for the pieces

Hyla plays track 5 of the Disband CD, a group from 1979 to 1982 that tENT finds particularly interesting

Ben leaves but not before tENT gives him a Dinu Ghezzo LP

tENT has 2 other giveaway LPs but no-one will guarantee him that they'll get their turntables working to listen to them so he doesn't give them away

Clint plays Paris Musette comp CD track w/ some fabulous jazz playing on it but no apparent Musette (either listed or audible to this writer)

Hyla plays another Kora track off the CD she gave Clint

Rob talks about a recent extubation experience at work

Clint plays a Punch Borthers bluegrass CD

Rob plays a "totally ordinary trucker song" w/ a great chorus

Hyla, etc, talking about Miley Cyrus Twerking controversy

tENT shows off "the OPEN SPACE magazine" issue 15/16 that he's proud to have his "30 4 5 + 97.9" about John Cage & pirate radio (etc) article in

Rob reads his "Tone Deaf" & "Cushy Set-Up" poems

tENT plays 1st few tracks off Gen Ken Montgomery's "Birds + Machines" CD

Clint + Rob + Hyla + Spat leave at 10:30


yr pal,




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