mmm036 Sunday, January 12, 2014


36th m(usic(ician's)m(eeting) - January 12, 2014E.V.












Rob arrives

Rob talks about playing music at Arsenal Bowling Lanes last yr as a part of "King Edward's Orchestra"

Ross arrives

Ross talks about making films & video & sound for them

Hyla arrives

Lia & Fénix arrive

Rob plays "Aremu An Me Gapa" by Italian Canzoniere Greganico Salentino - "Pizzica" Music

Ben arrives

tENT returns Ben's Bernd Alois Zimmermann record to him & gives him a copy of Gen Ken Montgomery's Pink Noise record made from the sounds of a ceramics studio

Rob plays his latest song "Planet Gash" - an instrumental w/ S/F/X

Rob plays Art Carney's "Song of the Sewers" (from "The Honeymooners" TV show)

Fénix draws

Ben mentions Garfunkel & Oates

Rob mentions Dred Zeppelin who play Led Zeppelin reggae style w/ an Elvis impersonator as the singer

Ben mentions Lez Zeppelin - an all woman Led Zeppelin cover band

Ross mentions Poontang Clan - an all woman Wu Tang Clan cover band

Rob talks about 2 Live Crew guy turning Christian

tENT mentions that Betty Page also turned Christian

Lia plays her "Waverly" synthesizer piece done under the name of NonScience, Inc. using a monophonic synth called Pro One + a Roland JV-880

Lia donates CD-R of above to tENT's archive

tENT gives "Song X" CD to Lia

tENT gives Kornbluth's Syndic SF novel to Lia

tENT gives Greg Egan's Distress novel to Ross

Hyla talks about Rand McNally's rating her home town Yuba City, CA, as being the least liveable city in the US!! PGH has been rated the most liveable. The 1st yr this double rating happened there was a PGH radio raffle for a trip to Yuba City & Hyla's arranged a meeting w/ the 'winner'. Coincidentally, Fénix has family in Yuba City so Hyla & Fénix bonded over that.

tENT talks about Max Schubel, the composer who ran the Opus One record label that put out at least 179 recordings of obscure contemporary classical music

tENT shows the paltry Wikipedia stub entry for Schubel:

"Max Schubel (born April 11, 1932 - died February 10, 2010) is an American composer of contemporary classical music. He is best known for being the founder and owner of Opus One records, a company dedicated to the recording of new music.

"Schubel maintained homes in Napanoch, Town of Wawarsing, Ulster County, New York (living there from November through April) and Piscataquis County, Maine (living there from May 1 through October)."

Ben plays "The Best of Godzilla 1954-1975" CD track 16: end of "Mothra vs. Godzilla" Suite from scene where tiny Japanese tein girls who cd communicate w/ Mothra at Mothra's island oasis - music by Akira Ifukube

We move to (M)Usic Rm to listen to records

tENT plays Ezra Sims' "All Done From Memory" - a microtonal piece that uses 1/4, 1/6, & 1/12 tones & permutes the "Lily of the Valley" folk song

tENT plays Ben Johnston's "String Quartet No. 4" - a microtonal rendering of the song "Amazing Grace"

tENT plays Tui St George Tucker's microtonal "String Quartet Number One"

tENT plays Max Schubel's "Guale, The Gold Coast of Georgia" soundtrack

tENT plays Leonard Lehrman's "We Are Innocent" piece defending Ethel & Julius Rosenberg & using their letters to each other written while on death row as the libretto

Kenny arrives

tENT plays William Byrd's "The Noble Famous Queen" about the beheading of Queen Mary of Scots as an example of a piece of older classical music (for lute & voice) that has intense political content that wd probably be overlooked by most contemporary listeners b/c of its 'prettiness'

tENT plays Jose Greco's "San del Zapateado" from the Flamenco Rhythms record

tENT explains that Greco was the superstar head of a dance troupe & that that's why the dancing is amplified louder than the guitar & that there's no credit given to anyone on the record other than Greco

Ben plays Italian pop group Area's Crac! w/ Demetrio Stratos as vocalist & keyboardist - on the Cramps label

tENT plays Demetrio Stratos performing "62 Mesostics re Merce Cunningham" - also on the Cramps label

Ross plays Bruce McClure's Vouchsafe Me More Soundtrack - Fain Make Glories record of sound from projection performance at Walker Art Center on January 15, 2009 & explains McClures use of bi-packed loops on modified 16mm projectors

Hyla describes installation at Walker Art Center w/ sound of heartbeat & quick flashes of boxing match footage

Ross talks about "Dog TV" for dogs

Kenny plays "Ciocirlia" (The Lark) used by Goran Bregovich in a movie soundtrack

Kenny gives away Ives's "Fourth Symphony" record to Lia

Kenny gives away Ella Fitzgerald sings Gershwin record

Hyla talking about Bill Cosby show w/ woman singing w/ strong southern accent from a town in the south called "North"

Ben plays country version of "Amazing Grace" by Dave & Jan Olshinski - Jerry, of Jerry's records, insisted that he take the record for free

tENT plays "Hanukah Rocks" on blue Star of David shaped record

Hyla explains that Terre Thaemlitz tried to stop people from bootlegging his stuff by making a long recording that sells for $200

Kenny plays record of Giora Feidman playing "Naive Fathers" - great clarinet tone

Ongoing talk about police & arrest situations

tENT plays "Everything is Beautiful" sung by Paul Frees impersonating W.C. Fields, Humphrey Bogart, Peter Lorre, Clark Gable, Bela Lugosi, & Ed Wynn

tENT plays Elliott Schwartz's "Extended Clarinet" for clarinet & tape

tENT plays Elliott Schwartz & Marion Brown duet

tENT plays "Vexations" from An Erik Satie Entertainment LP w/ a supposed lock groove on on one chord at the end

Hyla leaves

Rob leaves sometime after this

tENT talks about some composers that he likes who composed Americana in their early yrs

tENT plays Lukas Foss's "The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County"

tENT plays Lejaren Hiller's "Jesse James" for vocal quartet & piano

tENT plays Cow Cow Davenport's "Mooch Piddle" esp for Ben b/c Ben had remarked at a previous mm that he's always liked Cow Cow's name but had never heard anything by him

Continuing a previous mm's tuba theme, tENT plays "Cadence VI for tuba & tape" by Henry Lazarof - tuba played by the great Roger Bobo

tENT plays Steven Birchall's "Reciprocals II" for 2 tubas

tENT plays Jefferson Airplane's "A Small Package of Value will Come to You Shortly" from the After Bathing at Baxter's LP - probably their most 'experimental' sound collage - Ben points out that there's a piano quote on it from Thelonius Monk's "Blue Monk"

tENT plays Herb Diamante's "The Crawling Eye" from his My Crawling Eye Sees All LP

Ben leaves

Lia & Fénix leave

tENT plays Wendell Logan's "Three Pieces for Violin & Electric Piano" & "Proportions for Nine Players"

Kenny leaves 9:50ish

tENT plays "Spectrum" by Henri Lazarof for solo trumpte, orchestra, & tape - the great Thomas Stevens on trumpet

tENT plays Robert Hughes's "Cadences" for large orchestra, 2 conductors, multisoloists, & electronic tape

tENT plays Olly Wilson's "Echoes" for clarinet & tape played by the great Philip Rehfeldt - commissioned by Rehfeldt & composer Barney Childs

tENT plays a Hungaraton record: István Láng's "Impulsioni" for oboe & group of instruments

tENT plays Elliott Carter's "Night Fantasies" played by the great pianist Paul Jacobs

tENT plays Jonathan Harvey's "Mortuo Plango, Vivos Voco" computer processed church bells & son's voice

tENT plays Leo Smit's "In Woods" (1976) for oboe, harp, & percussion

tENT plays Messiaen's "Livres D'Orgue" (1951)

tENT & Ross call it a night!



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