mmm044 Sunday, June 8, 2014


m(usic(ian's)m(eeting) 44 - 2014.06.08







tENT sits on steps

Rob arrives w/ Yuenglings

Rob reads his "More" poem

Rob plays Blurt's song "Git" from In Berlin

tENT plays improv on piano wch Rob likes & calls "romantic" wch is fair enuf

Rob plays an old tune called "The Fields Have Turned Brown" by some famous country guys (The Stanley Brothers)

tENT plays Pete Seeger playing "My Good Man" b/c of its humorous content & structure (it has an unusual cut-off ending) - from American Favorite Ballads - Vol. 3 on Folkways

Rob plays Ferlinghetti performing "Autobiography" at The Cellar w/ The Cellar Jazz Quintet - it's red vinyl

Coincidentally, tENT had planned to play excerpts from Elie Siegmeister's Ways of Love wch includes poetry from Ferlinghetti, "See It Was Like This When" & e e cummings's "may i feel" - This is an "art song", a genre that Rob hates & that tENT is trying to appreciate more - tENT likes it b/c Seigmeister is mainly known as an "Americana" composer & tENT's interested in Americana now b/c he's understanding more & more what the radical post-WWII implications of the genre were - tENT is impressed by Siegmeister's choice of poets (also including Langston Hughes) - Rob hates it - Rob asks tENT to read the cummings poem & then gives the Siegmeister a 2nd chance - the rhyme scheme of the cummings is extremely simple & obvious & the Siegmeister rendition destroys that completely - Rob HATES IT even more b/c of that - tENT accuses Rob (wrongfully) of not being open-minded

Anthony arrives at 8:17 in the midst of this debate w/ Bell's "Two Hearted Ale" - this arrival is a special treat b/c Anthony has been so occupied w/ work & family life that he rarely gets to come anymore

Anthony plays Tuli Kupferberg's No Deposit, No Return (yellow vinyl) LP wch all are agreed is fabulous

Anthony talks about how the version of "This Land Is Your Land" that most people know is actually censored b/c the anti-private property verse is removed

tENT plays Barbara Kolb's "Three Place Settings" wch has a fantastic narrated found recipe section wch everyone enjoys - it's saved from the Art Song category by being narrated instead of sung

tENT plays another 'romantic' piano solo for Anthony - this is an outgrowth of tENT's occasional dips into tonality-informed pieces in wch he drifts from implied tonal center to implied tonal center by non-Circle-of-5ths modulation that's based partially around interval-based progressions & contrasts - tENT explains that he likes to play this way sometimes b/c he gets so sick of being assumed to have no understanding whatsoever of conventional music theory b/c people are always idiotically lumping him into a 'noise' category regardless of how irrelevant that is simply b/c the 'lumper' REALLY doesn't know shit about music theory - it's really more accurate to say that tENT just likes playing this way

Anthony plays Traditional Music of Notional Species - Vol. 1 by Rashad Becker on Pan label & explains that Becker is best known as a sound engineer - it's electronic (or electro-acoustical) & tENT likes the way it 'swings'

Rob proposes that the 3 of us play together at his place as a Secret Music Society thing & we agree (probably)

Anthony talking about "Pole Hemispheres" improv series w/ 4 players playing 4 copies of the same tape as their improv basic material

tENT gives away Grandmaster Flash's "Freedom" 12" single & the "MM 37 - musical saw" DVD-R to Rob (wch he's in)

tENT gives away Lukas Foss's "The Prairie" LP & the "A Catamaran Animist Vigor" score movie to Anthony (wch he's in)

Anthony has to go home at 9:27 b/c of family matters

tENT shows a little of his "A Catamaran Animist Vigor" score movie

tENT shows all of his "CHAN(geling)" movie to Rob as a way to lead into the racist complications of the movie to follow

tENT shows Duke Ellington & his Orchestra in "Amos 'n' Andy in "Check and Double Check"" (1930) wch is the 1st of the Amos 'n' Andy movies by the white comedians (who'd already been doing the radio show) in black face - reputedly the later movies had black comedians b/c the black face didn't go over well w/ the public - also reputedly this was the movie that helped launch Ellington's popularity - ALSO reputedly some of the band members weren't 'black' enuf & were made to be in black face to make sure that the distinction between 'black' & 'white' in the movie was 'clear'

tENT shows the Tony Watkins section in "Duke Ellington - Tivoli 1969" - Watkins is a pretty amazing singer who does what seems like Italian opera then swing then soul (or some such) & pulls all 3 off beautifully

Rob leaves at 10:47



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