mmm045 Sunday, July 6, 2014


m(usic(ian's)m(eeting) 45 - 2014.07.06









tENT provides Horny Goat's "Hopped Up N Horny IPA" (wch isn't really that great)

Liz arrives w/ 6-pack of Yuengling Black & Tan

Frank & Concetta arrive w/ 6-pack of Redbridge gluten-free sorghum ale

The 4 of us sit in front of the house for awhile waiting for possible others

Around 7;20 we go inside

tENT gives Frank MM 26 Release 1 - Crucible 4 DVD-R

tENT gives Frank William Bolcom record

tENT gives Concetta Carlos Montoya's Malagueña record

Frank gives tENT Mosisei Yakubovich's Improvisations record on Melodiya

[Alas, upon listening to it once tENT doesn't want it either!]

tENT plays Carlos Montoya (guitar) & Tere Maya (dancing, clapping, singing. castanets) performing "Buleria" & "Compas Flamenca" from Flamenco Fire record

Matt arrives

tENT gives Matt MM 26 Release 1 - Crucible 4 & Keeping Up With the IJoneses #2: Varispeed performing Robert Ashley's "The Living Room" & Keeping Up With the IJoneses #3: 9 to 99 percussionists performing John Luther Adams's "Inuksuit" DVD-Rs

Frank plays a little of side 1 & a little of side 2 of Charles Wuorinen's Time's Encomium & asks the mm listeners to decide if they agree w/ Wuorinen's description of side 1 as "generative" & side 2 as "developmental"

tENT agrees w/ Wuorinen's description

tENT talks about the common timbrel limitations of all of those Columbia-Princeton RCA synthesizer pieces & compares Babbitt's music

Concetta asks to hear some Babbitt music

tENT plays Babbitt's "Ensembles for Synthesizer"

Matt reads some of Babbitt's essay "Who Cares If You Listen?" (not the actual title)

Talk of CIA promotion of Abstract Expressionism & Darmstadt

PNME (Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble) is going to play Morton Feldman's "Patterns in a Chromatic Field" in excerpt as Interlude Music

tENT expresses outrage

Concetta reads from Grupo Improvisazione Nuova Consonanza CD liner notes about how its founder was inspired by Larry Austin's group

A philosophical discussion ensues inspired by the liner notes in which Matt talks about their use of John Cage as someone to distinguish GINC from is referred to as a marketing technique

Frank talks about his dislike of Cage's use of the I Ching for 'chance' purposes

Concetta plays the 1st track of the CD wch is called "Settimino" wch means "chest of drawers" in her dialect but might be more literally translated as "little seventh"?

Matt had just gotten back from Stuttgart the night before where he presented a new piece done in collaboration w/ Felix Behringer & others called Cowboy Rock 'n' Roll USA

We look at video of it on Dropbox on the internet but there's a problem w/ the sound

The 1st part concludes w/ a song based on a Republican tract called something like "America is an Idea"

The 2nd part begins w/ a free will text recited by a singer posing as Lady Liberty - the Cowboy Rock 'n' Roll song ends this

The 3rd part has samples w/ Matt's voice

Frank & Concetta have to leave early b/c they have to get up at 4AM to take her back to the airport (Bye!)

tENT shows Woody Vasulka's "The Commission" about Paganini & Berlioz - w/ Robert Ashley as the latter

Liz says something to the effect that it's "the weirdest thing she's ever seen!"

tENT plays R. Weis's "East Village Suite"

Matt & Liz both like this alot

tENT is hoping that Bob (R. Weis), who's a PGH based sound artist, will come to an mm eventually

tENT gives Liz & Matt copies of the Pierre Henry issue of Point d'Ironie

Matt says he met Pierre Henry

Matt recommends J. Dilla's Donuts recording

Liz says "No" wch marks the end of mm 45 as Matt leaves at 10:31PM

p.s. tENT plays a short piano improv using his recently explored intervallic 'tricks' for Liz



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