mmm047 Sunday, August 23, 2014: Telephone theme


m(usic(ian's)m(eeting) 47: telephone theme - 2014.08.23







Neighbor Mark & tENT sit on their respective stoops & chat

Neighbors Kim & James join us briefly

Hyla shows up w/ 3 beers

Hyla shows her fake cell-phones that she & Faith Wilding are making for 2 SubRosa costumes

for a Graz, Austria performance for "Kaffee und Kuchen" (Coffee & Cake) - their name for this being "Ein Ladenung zum Taktischen Kaffee und Kuchen" (Invitation to a Tactical Coffee & Cake). Costumes are escapee from a/the Cyber-Swamp wch they'll wear while wandering thr streets & inviting them to "Kaffee und Kuchen".

Hyla will send e-mail of invite text (hint, reminder, hint)

Kenny arrives & gives tENT 2 blank 90 minute cassette tapes & goes to get more beer (eventually coming back w/ some fabulous "Fin du Monde" belgian Ale or some such)

Kenny says that in the last wk there've been eyesight extensions for enabling seeing beyond ordinary range

Hyla reads the SubRosa invite text wch leads to:

Critiqueing of "Life Hacking" as a debased term

Talking about Boryanna Rossa's work

Kenny talking about going to Old Timey festivals

Pizza arrives courtesy of Hyla & Mark & we descend on it like starving vultures

We go in tENT'S house to finally officially begin the telephone themed mm 47

tENT screens his 1979 "TESTES-3: End of Library K&M Series" in its entirety. An abridged version of it can be witnessed on tENT's "onesownthoughts" YouTube channel here:

tENT gives Hyla & Kenny Point D'Ironie issue re Pierre Henry

tENT gives Hyla Carlos Montoya record

tENT gives Kenny 2 Carlos Montoya records

Hyla talks about Rabih Mroe performance artist from Beirut at Warhol Museum & about his referencing the use of cell-phones during Syrian civil unrest

tENT screens "Apology" - a fictionalized acct of a phone-based project in NYC that came after TESTES-3 in the 1980s

Kenny talks about "The Invisibles" & "Matrix" & speculates that tENT was the inspiration for one of the characters - wch tENT finds not entirely unrealistic but otherwise improbable

tENT shows the TV-B-Gone fake cellphone used to turn off TVs surreptitiously

tENT screens the "Make the Phone Work for You" video that Neighbor Mark gave him yrs ago

We talk about the lack of phone etiquette in this day & age & dominance of txting instead

tENT shows the Total Mobile Home Microcinema's 1994ish Luther Price prank phone call footage wch we agree is abusive & not particularly funny

Kenny talks about balloon animals

Hyla leaves around midnight

Kenny leaves around 12:30



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