minutes from mm 55 - Sunday, May 17, 2015









Greg S.


My apologies in advance for my piss-poor minutes - they are, at best, an outline (tENT note)

The highly abridged YouTube movie version of this is here: http://youtu.be/uFleYGfWMrs

6:30 tENT sits out front

6:35 Frank arrives w/ mango & coconut frozen fruit bars

7:10 Joey arrives

7:25 We go indoors & tENT starts camcorder 1

7:30 tENT shows 2 Joe Coleman bks & 1 record

7:32 tENT shows all 6 volumes of Brainpang's "Satanic Jazz Meditations" comp tapes

7:35 tENT shows his "Anemia of the Paparazzi" movie ( https://youtu.be/HucBwEMz3A ) of the wedding of Joe Coleman & Whitney Ward w/ Brainpang officiating thru his ventriloquist figure

7:40 Soren arrives

7:47 tENT plays 1st 4 tracks of volume 1 of "Satanic Jazz Meditations"

tENT & others are particularly impressed by the oddity of the Mingus track wch no-one there had ever heard before

7:50 Ben arrives

7:56 tENT starts camcorder 2

7:58 Ben gives tENT 2 organ records

8:00 tENT gives Joey DVD of Spielberg's "Munich"

8:07 Joey plays Timeghost + Laurie Amat Nexykl01 tape Laurie Amat: Voicee, Loops, & Acoustics A. Morosky: Synthesizers & final mix recorded in Jine of 2013

tENT points out that "Timeghost" = "Zeitgeist"

Joey talks about what a great show Timeghost puts on

Ben knows of Amat as a San Francisco based musician

8:17 Ben shows record that's 2 records glued together that have silent grooves + an exacto knife for cutting into the grooves w/ - the packaging is very sparse & doesn't say who put the record out

8:20 Ben talks about Conglomerate Records: "Rosie & the Dirigibles presents 3 Transposed Functions": sleeve made from folded 7" flexi-discs enclosing a photocopy of a 7" record

Ben shows "Rrose Selavy's 100 Grooviest Corporate Hits"

Ben shows an incredible collection of mostly deliberately unplayable Conglomerate Records tapes & a photoalbum of covers by the same publisher

8:35 Greg S. arrives

8:40 tENT shows "Dreamweapon / Aspen #9" (1970) edited by Angus & Hette MacLise

tENT talks about MacLise as the 1st drummer in the Velvet Underground, etc..

8:45 Joey leaves

We move into music room to play records

8:47 tENT plays 7" flexi-disc that comes w/ Dreamweapon accidentally @ incorrect speed of 45rpm..

8:50 tENT plays end of side 1 of Lasry's "Chronophagie" accidentally @ incorrect speed of 45rpm..

8:55 Frank plays Mario Lanza imitating Caruso singing something from "I Pagliacci"

9:02 Ben plays G.X.Jupitter-Larsen/The Hater's "A Basic Introduction to T.N.U." wch is a 7" 33rpm record w/ one side cut w/ grooves overlapping

camcorder 2 tape runs out

9:04 Ben plays elaborate horror movie soundtrack records: "In the Wall" (splatter vinyl) main theme to "Cannibal Holocaust" wch is pretty schmaltzy (green vinyl w/ sunburst green out from center)

9:12 tENT plays Joe Coleman's "Infernal Machine" beginning of side 2

9:17 tENT talks about Kommisar Hjuler & plays a bit of one of his records made in collaboration w/ his wife & PVA

9:21 tENT plays Alkan's "Sonate de Concert - for violoncello & piano"

Frank exclaims something to the effect of 'Finally, something good!'

9:24 Ben shows Boullarca (sp? - I can't read my handwriting here) square picture disc 7"

9:25 Ben plays i/O - a Rick Gribenas 7" record that has lock grooves - Rick was a Pittsburgh-based sound artist that tENT collaborated w/ that unfortunately died in 2009

We go back into the screening room

9:33 Greg plays Peter Ablinger's "Voices & Piano" CD Nicolas Hodges playing piano We listen to the tracks w/ recordings of the voices of: Brecht, G. Stein, M. Feldman, Ilya Prigogine (sp?) There are many other interesting folks whose voices are heard & mimicked by the piano part

9:54 Greg plays Helmut Lackenmann "Klaviermusik" - Roland Keller: piano

10:00ish Frank leaves

10:11 Greg plays Stockhausen's "Invisible Choirs"

10:18 Greg plays more Peter Ablinger piano stuff

10:29 tENT plays ""A Catamaran Animist Vigor" @ Babyland" - the movie of this can be witnessed here: https://youtu.be/cn3U055X-2U

10:33 tENT plays 1st 2 tacks from his "Speech Defect Synthesis Kit"

10:39 Greg plays Morton Feldman's "Piece for Four Pianos" by the Barton Workshop

At some point during all this, Ben notices that there're piles of Japanese recordings & scores laying around & he starts looking at those

Ben mentions Jo Kondo

tENT says the name's vaguely familiar & asks if he played trumpet in Group Ongaku

Ben provided this later by email:

This was the work by Jo Kondo on CP2 Records I was trying to remember: https://soundcloud.com/newmusiccollective/jo-kondo-standing

Not to be confused with Toshinori Kondo: http://www.discogs.com/artist/143942-Toshinori-Kondo

tENT was, indeed, confusing Jo w/ Toshinori

Soren notices Yoko Kurimoto's "Stolen Footsteps" score & is very entertained by the Imaginary Marimba part

11:06 tENT plays the Secret Music Society's "iPavlov"

11:15 Ben, Soren, & Greg leave




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