minutes from mm 56: Invecticon! - Sunday, June 21, 2015


The movie from this one is here: http://youtu.be/WP4epHOpha4





6:00 tENT sits outside

7:15 Ben arrives w/ chips

8:00 Ben explains Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns by Nicolas Slonimsky wch he's also brought w/ him

8:10 tENT projects the online version of Scriabin's "Prometheus: Poem of Fire"


about wch it's written online that:

"In February 2010, Anna Gawboy, a doctoral candidate at the Yale School of Music and scholar of Russian composer Alexander Scriabin, attempted to realize the composer's final work: a symphony of sound and light called "Prometheus: Poem of Fire". To accomplish this, Anna worked closely with Toshiyuki Shimada, conductor of the Yale Symphony Orchestra, and Justin Townsend, an award-winning lighting designer.

"Anna and Justin spent a year developing ideas and preparing for the performance, but a majority of the lighting work was done just days before the concert. This documentary covers the events of that week and the performance itself."  

tENT reads 2 critiques of this piece from Slonimsky's "Lexicon of Musical Invective".

8:35 tENT projects the "mmm055" movie abridged for YouTube ( http://youtu.be/uFleYGfWMrs ) & gives Ben his copy of the feature-length scholar's version

8:50 Ben plays the "Prometheus Chord" (in the piano) that Slonimsky shows in his 'Thesaurus of Scales and melodic Patterns" book as part of his Scriabin's "Prometheus" analysis

8:55 tENT plays Slonimsky conducting Varèse's "Ionisation" (French spelling &, supposedly, the spelling on the original score) & Ben reads hostile reviews of it

9:00 tENT plays Tchaikovsky's "Piano Concerto No. 1" & reads hostile reviews of that taken from the Lexicon (again)

9:05 tENT plays Henry Cowell's "Synchrony" while Ben reads a hostile review of it from that same source as the above

9:10 tENT plays Milhaud's "La Creation du Monde" & reads a hostile review of it

9:15 tENT plays Charles Amirkhanian's "Heavy Aspirations" wch uses Slonimsky's voice while Ben reads A-C entries in the "Invecticon" index in the Lexicon

9:25 Ben plays Slonimsky playing his own "Thesaurus (50 Minitudes)" while tENT reads Z-S of the Invecticon

9:35 Ben plays Slonimsky playing his own "Studies in Black and White" while Ben reads from C-H in the Invecticon

9:45 tENT plays Schoenberg's "Pierrot Lunaire" while Ben reads a hostile review of it

9:50 tENT plays Varèse's "Hyperprism" while he reads hostile reviews of it

10:40 tENT plays a little of "Gaslini meets Ponty" & points out that in one version of the record a sticker was used to give top billing to Jean-Luc Ponty on a record that had originally given top billing to Gaslini

10:45 tENT then shows a different version of the record where they both get prominent billing

10:48 Ben leaves



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