mmm003 Sunday, December 25, 2011


3rd music meeting (December 25, 2011) minutes (mmm03):










tENT demonstrates his new singing christmas tree thrift store acquisition by having it play its complete repertoire:

"We Wish You a Merry Christmas"

"Jingle Bells"

"Santa Claus is Coming to Town"

tENT shows Amy's X-Mas present to him: a bk called Surreal Friends

Mark & Hyla talk about seeing the Fabergé Eggs exhibit at the Frick

tENT brings up The Haters & Hyla describes seeing them perform in Seattle, Portland, & maybe Olympia

Hyla brought Small Cruel Party 10" (wch tENT also coincidentally has), Blowhole's "Stumbling Southward" LP (wch she's on), He Said pop LP & Der Plan pop LP

Hyla talks about Key Ransome (the guy of Small Cruel Party) having a nice octopus tattoo & about him being a good cook - we listen to a little of his 10"

Amy likes the Butthole Surfers, Madonna, & Monster Magnet

Hyla expresses solidarity w/ Amy over Madonna

tENT plays Haters 7" w/ colored vinyl that looks like flames - it's the sound of something burning

Amy discusses "Is it music?" in relation to the Haters record & in relation to things like people questioning whether sound poetry: "Is it poetry?"

Mark talks about how the Houston Funeral Museum displayed coffins w/ speaking tubes for the prematurely buried

tENT unsuccessfully tries to find the Der Plan cut that Hyla wants us to hear that has the sound of the morning routine - like brushing teeth

Hyla plays He Said's "Pump" from "Hail" LP (1986)

Discussing Electro-Pop

tENT plays "Catastronics" 45 by Monty Cantsin, Neoist Open Pop Star

Hyla plays Blowhole LP side 2 (1996) on wch she plays violin, KB, megaphone

Hyla talks about "Firewalking & Decapitation" music festival in Seattle

tENT plays short bit from Divine's picture disc

tENT plays Gary Numan in continuation of electro-pop theme

tENT plays "Epidemia" 45 by Joel Hubaut as part of veering into sound poetry

tENT passes around "DOC(K)S" magazine no. 23 "Russes" issue b/c of its editor's connection to Hubaut

tENT plays Dufrène-Baronnet's "U 47"

Amy talks about Conceptual Poetics

Spat & Wendy appear after 9PM

Spat gives tENT a tiny frog rasp - making this his 6th (& the smallest!)

tENT plays Katalin Ladik sound poetry 45

tENT plays Henri Chopin & Arigo Lora-Totina sound poetry 7"

Hyla & Mark leave sometime around here

Amy leaves meeting to talk on phone w/ relatives

Spat talks about DJing during local poet (John Thomas Menesini) release event

Spat plays tENT Chinese instrument: the Halusi (sp?)

tENT plays Mad Magazine's floppy disc: "It's a Super-Spectacular Day" - wch is a novelty record that begins the same every time but has 8 different ending - tENT plays 4 of these

tENT plays hexagonal 10" soundtrack to "Andromeda Strain" by Gil Mellé

tENT projects the beginning of Anne McQuire's "Strain Andromeda The"

Spat & Wendy leave around 10:15



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