mmm004 Sunday, January 8, 2012


4th music meeting (January 8, 2012) minutes (mmm04):




Ben Opie






Ben brought The Mothers of Invention's "Uncle Meat" in honor of the recently deceased Jim "Motorhead" Sherwood who plays on it; he also brought a Sam Rivers CD in honor of his recent death

Kelly, April, & Michael arrive

Ben plays "Revolutionary Symphonic Music" (1972) by Shachiapang - a 2 10" LP set from China. Alas, I, for one, thought it was about as 'revolutionary' as any other display of forced conformity on a large scale - meaning not at all - still it was interesting to hear!

tENT plays John Taverner's "The Whale" on Apple records no less!

Kenny arrives

tENT plays "The Fool" b/c he vaguely recalled that Apple may've funded their clothing store in England

Continuing the Apple theme, tENT plays John Lennon & Yoko Ono's "Unfinished Music No. 2"

Discussion of John Trubee

tENT plays John Trubee & the Ugly Janitors of America's LP "Naked Teenage Girls from Outer Space"

..wch segues to the related: Zoogz Rift & the Shitheads' "Ipecac"

..wch segues to the related: Gary Wilson's "You Think You Really Know Me"

Ben played Draaiorgel "De Sik" - an LP of a large street organ

Kenny wears a T-Shirt w/ pictures of unusual musical instruments on it & he brought some of them to demonstrate:

a Ratrophone (an inflexible metal rake)

a Stylophone (made in Michael Johnsen's electronic music class)

Kenny plays both

Kelly brings up Mossolov & tENT plays "Symphony of Machines" - wch is the piece Kelly had already heard

Discussion of contrast between that Russian revolutionary music & the Chinese 'revolutionary' music heard earlier

tENT & Ben play the Braxton/Opie "Duets (Pittsburgh) 2008" CD in order to play a contrabass clarinet duet for April

tENT brings up "Urban Sax" - the sax orchestra headed by Gilbert Artman as a development of the theme of multiple wind playing

tENT brings out an Urban Sax LP Ben hadn't seen & plays "Paradise Lost" - the collaboration between Urban Sax & Pierre Henry

tENT plays some of Herbert Henck playing the 2nd mvmt of Mossolov's "Sonata No. 5" for Kelly

tENT reveals his 61 hr MP3 DVD-R disc: "Concrete Mixing: 1976-2011" - a selection of 36 yrs of his electroacoustic work - & plays 2 short selections from it:

181. 1996.e Ben Opie - 1:43

182. 1996.f Realistic Piano - 1:18

tENT pulls out a roll-up piano he just bought 2 of for $15 apiece

Ben plays "Flexure" highlights CD-R from his new group




Flexure is unabashedly Miles Davis Electric Period inspired wch is a big treat for those of us who love that stuff!! I'm listening to it NOW as I type this & it's fabulous!!

Kenny plays Tony Scott playing "Let's Take the Long Way Home" from Bing Crosby movie of the same name from "The Mellow Moods of Jazz" LP - 1956?

Ben discusses Bing Crosby trivia - such as that Spike Jones played drums on the famous "White Christmas" recording

Kenny shows "American Music" 2 LP set w/ amazing variety of music on it

tENT plays Teo Macero's "Three Quarters" quarter-tone music in honor of Macero as not only a great jazz producer but also as a composer Macero produced Miles Davis' electric period records AND Thelonius Monk & Charlie Mingus (he played tenor sax on a Mingus LP) & a Lounge Lizards record that tENT claimed cd qualify as "Third Stream" Jazz - to use Gunther Schuller's term for jazz/classical music

Kenny plays a LP by Vasilios Saleas & His Folk Dance Orchestra wch features some very impressive Greek G clarinet playing

tENT & Ben play Lejaren Hiller's 5th String Quartet in quarter-tones as performed by the Concord String Quartet

tENT shows a few of the special record covers in his collection:

Jefferson Airplane's "Long John Silver" wch can be made into a cigar box w/ a picture of pot in the bottom

Jefferson Airplane's "Bark" wch has an outer jacket made as if it's a supermarket bag w/ an inside jacket w/ a picture of a fish wrapped in paper

Bonzo Dog Band's "Tadpoles" wch has cut-outs for band member eyes on the front picture w/ an inner sleeve w/ pictures on it so that these pictures roll by when the sleeves pulled out

tENT's "Usic minus the Square Root on Negative One" wch is a picture disc w/ parallel grooves & lock grooves & a pop-up cock w/ fake cum dripping from it on the accompanying poster

Ben pulls out an "Open City" double LP from tENT's collection wch tENT doesn't remember so they listen to a bit of that

tENT & Ben discuss Braxton

Ben informs tENT that Kurtis Blow is NOT Blowfly - wch tENT had stupidly misinformed someone recently

They listen to a bit of Kurtis Blow's "Christmas Rappin'"

Kelly puts on the Han Reichel track on the "Gravichords Whirlies & Pyrophones" CD in order to hear the daxaphone that's also on Kenny's t-shirt

tENT plays the Tom Nunn track on the same CD at Ben's request

Michael triggers tENT's Billy the Big Mouth Bass

Kenny & Ben leave around now & mm 04 officially ends



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