mmm033 Sunday, November 17, 2013


33rd music(ian's) meeting (November 17, 2013)










Hyla arrives w/ 6-pack of Yuengling

tENT shows Incite #4 - a PGH-based movie mag recently released that he has an article in

tENT starts explaining Info Desk PGH ( & offers Steen Brugge Belgian White Ale

Hyla's friend Mark arrives

Clint arrives

tENT's new friend & coworker Jaclyn arrives, she's a blogger, here's her blog where she mentions a Film Kitchen screening that I presented work at:

Rob arrives

Talking about the Bayernhof, a great local museum that has automatic instruments:

Now that the crowd's assembled, we move to the (M)Usic Rm:

The TUBA portion of the night begins:

tENT plays Hayg Buyadjian's "Sareebar" (1983) for tuba & percussion

tENT plays William Kraft's "Encounters II" (1966) for tuba played by Roger Bobo & featuring some impressive multiphonics

tENT plays Roger Ruskin Spears's version of "When Yuba Plays the Rumba on the Tuba Down in Cuba" (no tuba played)

tENT plays "Alla Marcia" for tuba & instrumental ensemble (1972) by Peter-Jan Wagemans from "400 Years of Dutch Music 2" 6LP boxset - this is a parody of society's attempted forcing of people into conformity - w/ the tuba as the dissenter

Clint plays Bob Stewart, a jazz tuba player, from his 1st band-leader release, an LP named "First Line" - we listen to the cuts: "Metamorphosis" & "Bush Baby" - the latter has echo on the tuba

Clint pulls out a CD by a group that he was in called "The Sugar Kings" wch he describes as a "jug band" & he explains that jug bands don't have to have jugs - Hyla says that such music is now called "intersectional folk" - the name of the CD is "Take Your Time, Mr. Brown" & the basic instrumentation is tuba, guitar, harmonica, & drums - we listen to a song called "Get Up Off That Jazzophone" by Blues Birdhead - Clint's singing on this track, Clint gives the CD to tENT at tENT's request

tENT plays, @ Clint's suggestion, Miles Davis's "Birth of the Cool" w/ famous jazz tuba player John Barber - we listen to the "Move" track in wch the tuba doesn't have a prominent role

Discussion of Dirty Dozen Brass Band's funky tuba player

tENT shows "Univac presents Avant-Garde Showcase" movie made my his friend Fabio Roberti - a droll fake 1950s & 1960s tv show - in this case featuring a solo sousaphone piece played by a naked woman identified as "J" & framed by a parody of critical Emperor's New Clothes

quasi-end of TUBA section

Rob talks about a movie called "A Late Quartet":

Rob reads his recent poems entitled "Are You Caucasian?" & "Everyone's A Critic"

Hyla talks a website called "Fivver" - freelance jobs done for $5 - mostly serious - Fivver keeps $1 of the 5!!!!!

Mark & Jaclyn volunteer to play tENT's "e, variation 2, for two 76 key pianos" wch tENT then vaudio & audio records for future editing & putting online (I'll keep you posted - I'm having equipment problems right now & might have to buy a new camcorder (groan))

Rob plays (on the piano) & sings "Guys & Dolls"

tENT plays Memphis Jug Band playing "I'll See You in the Spring, When the Birds Begin to Sing" as an example of a jug band that does use jug(s)

tENT plays Ronald Perera's "Three Poems of Gunter Grass"

Hyla plays Negtaiveland's 1987 "Escape from Noise" LP's "Christianity is Stupid"

Hyla plays Hussein El Masry's "La Crue du Nil" LP, 1st cut, 1st side - pretty damned virtuosic OUD music

tENT plays Louis Andriessen's "Mausoleum" wch uses text from anarchist Bakunin wch is, remarkably enuf, on the aforementioned "400 Years of Dutch Music 2" 6LP boxset - tENT doesn't manage to pick a part where the singing is

tENT plays the beginning of Lejaren Hiller's "Sonata No. 5" (1961) played by Kenwyn Boldt wch he explains is one of the pieces of piano music that moves him the most deeply (in fact, tENT/I is/am copying the score to it while he/I write(s) this)

slight TUBA reprise: Clint plays 10" 78rpm of pre-war jazz diatonic harmonica player Gus Mulcay - "Farewell Blues" (1926) & goes off on a fascinating relevant history while apologizing for his geekiness! (THIS GEEKINESS IS THE ESSENCE OF WHAT MM SEEKS OUT):

Mulcay was a Vaudeville Hoofer who danced & played harmonica - he faked his death & reinvented himself as Jimmy Mulcay, his 'twin brother'!! He started the Mulcay Harmonica Duet w/ his wife, Mildred Mulcay, who was a classically trained pianist who was in an all-girl jazz band & who Clint says was an even more astounding harmonica player than husband Jimmy - "My Happiness" was their big hit

tENT gives HiTEC 1-59 CDs to Mark, Clint, & Jaclyn

Talk of HiTEC & HiTE Club

tENT gives away "80 Trombones and 30 Basses" LP w/ Henry Brant's "Obits" for 88 trombones & Gerhard Samuel's "What of My Music" for 30 basses

tENT gives Clint an Opus One LP w/ Brief, Sheppard, Chance, & Horwood

Everybody but Jaclyn leaves - she reveals that she brought a David Byrne CD w/ tuba on it that she didn't play! (next time?)

tENT & Jaclyn hang out on the chilly front steps talking about work n'at




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