mmm058 Sunday, August 16, 2015


minutes from mm 58: Latin America theme (Sunday, August 16, 2015)





There was a time when I'd tried to have these minutes out to you by no later than the Wednesday after the mm. Those days are gone! There was a time when I thought I'd continue holding the mms at my house for an indefinite period of time.. now I'm thinking I'll stop at 72. Why 72? B/c there are 72 Philosopher's Union Member's Mouthpieces (a project I started in 1988) & there were 72 HiTEC sessions (2008-2010). That was coincidental. Why not make it some sort of special personal number? Yes, I love having the mms but in order to keep myself interested I have to keep upping the ante. mms 55-57 all had movies made of them. I'm quite happy w/ the movies but they're so much work to make! Maybe it's time to move on to some other labor-intensive project. Maybe I'll get past this mood. ANYWAY:

6:35 tENT sits outside drinking a Church Brew Works Pipe Organ Pale Ale & reading Bill Luoma's "Some Math" poetry bk & waiting for arrivals [my review of the poetry bk is here: )

7:00 neighbor Mark O'Connor comes out to work on his sidewalk

7:10 Lia shows up w/ a record & drinks a Church Brew Works Pious Monk Dunkel wch tENT then also drinks one of as his 2nd beer

7:25 Hyla arrives w/ beer too

7:30 Hyla goes to Mark's to get some records from his Columbian mom's collection

7:40 tENT reads the liner notes for Silvestre Revuelta's "Ocho por Radio" from a record from his collection called "Spanish and Latin-American Music for unusual instrumental combinations" from about 1954 - Here's a brief quote:

"In it, we find a phantasmagoric aural view of Mexican radio music-as heard perhaps on a slightly defective set with a great deal of station-to-station interference."

7:46 tENT plays the recording of the above piece

7:51 tENT plays a recording of Heitor Villa-Lobos's "Choros No. 7" (1924) from the same record & explains that he thinks it's one of the best pieces by Villa-Lobos he's ever heard - there's a part that reminds him of Terry Riley's "In C"

8:02 Lia plays the 1st cut, "Temptation", of "Exotic Percussion" by Stanley Blackburn & his Orchestra - Lia particularly likes how hot the recording of the percussion is - this is one of those stereo demonstration era records that shows off the quality of its recording techniques

8:06 tENT picks "Caravan" from the same record; Lia requests "Miserlou"; Lia requests "Jungle Drums" - it's not strictly speaking Latin American music but it's partially inspired by it

8:19 tENT shows his movie "Boota" ( ) of him singing his rearrangement of "Taboo" in München

8:40 Hyla talks about David Bernabo's latest performance at the New Hazlett Theater

9:09 tENT plays side 1 of "In Praise of Oxalá And Other Gods - Black Music of South America" esp for the leaf-blowing featured on "Oigame Juanita"

10:05 Hyla talks about the illegal founding of the FOP (Fraternal Order of Police - the policeman's union) in Pittsburgh in 1915

10:09 Hyla plays one of Mark's mom's records - cut 4, "Las Mañantas" (w/ Mariachis) of Nat "King" Cole's "Cole Español" - again, not strictly speaking Latin American but marketed to Spanish speaking people

10:13 tENT plays side 2 of "New Music from South America": Oscar Bazän's "Sonogramas", Manuel Enriquez's "Diptico I", Alcides Lanza's "Penetrations II"

10:50 Hyla leaves

10:55 tENT plays "Oda para un hippie - Astor Piazolla" CD tracks 1-5 - this isn't Piazolla playing it's the Fortuna Quartett featuring Helmut Abel playing bandoneon who does a pretty incredible job of living up to the quality of Piazolla's example

11:20 Lia leaves

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