mmm059 Sunday, December 27, 2015


minutes from mm 59: Frank & Concetta are back!: Sunday, December 27, 2015



Frank & Concetta


Jacqueline & Noah






Greg S

06:30 Frank & Concetta arrive w/ drinks & snacks, tENT & Concetta drink red wine

06:35 tENT shows off his new CD

06:40 tENT gives multiple copies of his new CD to Concetta & Frank to distribute in their respective new hometowns

06:50 tENT talks about 4 recent gigs

06:55 tENT shows "RonDodo" score

07:05 Rob arrives w/ beer & mentions his movies

07:13 tENT plays Spike Jones's "Xmas Spectacular"

specifically the "Jingle Bells Medley" wch has singing in Pig Latin:

07:17 Jacqueline & Noah arrive

07:18 Rob plays Frank Sinatra's version of "Old MacDonald has a Farm" wch emphasizes the farmer's daughter

07:22 tENT plays "RonDodo" (the version of wch is on my "onesownthoughts" YouTube channel as the last 8+ minutes here:

07:30 Soren, Jesse, & Hyla arrive

07:35 tENT gives Rob Jackie Chan & Jet Li's "The Forbidden Kingdom" DVD

07:39 tENT gives Soren Mary Shelley's "Maurice or the Fisher's Cot" bk

07:41 tENT gives Concetta Flann O'Brian's "Further Cuttings from Cruiskeen Lawn" bk

07:43 tENT gives Frank Alan Hovhaness "Khaldis / The Spirit of Ink" record

07:45 tENT gives Jesse the Percussions (of Strausbourg) performing Ohana & Kabelac record

07:47 Soren gives out business cards for her music group Wire Mother

07:49 Frank gives tENT his boxset of 7" records of Mario Lanza as the Great Caruso

07:50 Jesse gives tENT & Rob his single, tENT gives Jesse his new CD

07:52 Kenny & Johnny arrive

07:55 tENT plays Jesse's single side A "Home" by Little Flowers

07:57 Soren gives tENT Wire Mother's "delicate instruments" CD-R

07:59 Johnny gives tENT a bag & tENT gives Johnny his new CD

08:02 tENT plays Wire Mother's "delicate instruments" CD-R

08:04 tENT plays 1st track of R. Weiss's "Excitable Audible" CD

08:07 Greg S arrives

08:09 tENT gives an intro to Laurie Anderson

08:11 Rob reads his poem about being the roommate of the keyboardist named "Lucky" who played w/ Laurie Anderson

08:13 tENT plays a short bit of Laurie Anderson's "Home of the Brave" movie w/ William S. Burroughs in it

08:18 Hyla interjects a story about a dance group called "La La Human Steps"

08:21 Rob plays his "Numbers Don't Lie" music video (wch is on his YouTube channel here: ) wch was partially shot at mm 50 (January 1, 2015) at Concetta & Frank's apartment & wch Concetta's in & hadn't seen yet

08:24 Rob plays DVD-R of Mr & Mrs Funky's "looking Back" song (as actually played by the pre- Mr & Mrs Funky band called "Dolphin Room") from 30 to 35 yrs ago & featuring a very young Mr & Mrs Funky

08:41 tENT shows the end of his recent "Tex-Mix (Giddyup Americana)" movie (wch is on tENT's "onesownthoughts" YouTube channel here: )

08:47 Jesse & Hyla show the virtual reality cardboard glasses + cell-phones (etc) stuff

08:50 Greg talks

08:56 tENT plays Warren Burt's "The Slowly Gathering Soliloquy" from his "Cellular Etudes (2012-2013)" CD-R

09:00 Frank plays a 1986 Russian record by Alexander Katenin called "Alone in the Maze of Rhythms" using a Farfisa Syntaccordion

09:09 tENT plays Kommissar Hjuler 7"

09:11 tENT plays his "Birds of Villa Villa Lobos (after Michael Pestel)" track from a record recently published by Kommissar Hjuler

09:14 tENT shows the original Hjuler hand-made cover for the above

09:16 tENT shows Franz Kamin record published by Kommissar Hjuler w/ hand-made cover from same

09:18 Greg plays La Monte Young & Marian Zazeela's "Just Charles and Cello in the Romantic Chord" (2002-2003)

09:19 Greg plays La Monte Young's The Forever Bad Blues Band's "Young's Dorian Blues in G" live at the Kitchen from the "Just Stompin'" CD

09:31 Hyla leaves

09:32 Greg plays La Monte Young's "The melodic version (1984) of the Second Dream of the High-Tension Line Stepdown Transformer from the Four Dreams of China (1962)" for 8 trumpeters

09:40 Rob leaves

09:44 Jesse plays Eliane Radigue's "Etude" (spring 1970) using a Chopin Etude in a rerecording process similar to Alvin Lucier's roughly contemporaneous "I am Sitting in a Room" but done independently of it

09:52 Noah gives away a CD-R of his compositions - he plays bassoon (& piano & organ) - we play the 1st track (the only one he doesn't play on)

09:59 Jesse leaves (giving out business cards)

10:04 tENT play's Joey Molinaro's piece on the "International Coven of Dangerous Violinistry" 7" compilation

10:09 At Franks request tENT plays the "MM 26" CD & choose's Rey Freme's "A Physically Mental Compromise"

10:19 Concetta & Frank leave

10:32 Noah & Jacqueline leave

10:33 tENT plays track 1 from CD-R 1 of Adam Welch's "Core Core" CD-R collection that Adam gave to tENT for his last birthday

10:40 Greg & Soren leave



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