mmm060 Sunday, February 7, 2016: ORGAN

[the longer movie of this mm is here: ]

[the shorter movie of this mm is here: ]


6:40 tENT waits out front drinking Church Brew Works Pipe Organ Pale Ale

06:50 neighbor Mark joins tENT for some impromptu stooping

07:00 Ben arrives

07:15 Soren arrives

07:15 tENT, Ben, & Soren go indoors

07:20 tENT talks about a bk entitled "experimentalism otherwise"

- tENT's review of this can be read here:

07:25 Hyla arrives w/ soup for tENT & Leffe beer for all

07:30 tENT explains that he's asking tonight's mm participants to play 5 phrases or units of their choosing on his organ to be vaudeod so that he can both make a movie of mm 60 as well as incorporate the results in a bigger project he has in mind, an 'opera' or 'oratorio' & explains that future mms will have a similar procedure using other instruments in tENT's collection - the next one planned being for accordion

07:35 Ben goes 1st

07:40 Soren goes next & uses tape to hold down keys

07:45 Hyla is next

07:50 tENT is last, alas, only 3 of his 5 phrases are vaudeoed

07:55 Ben explains Messiaen movie that he (thought he) brought of people listening to Messiaen's 1932 "Apparition de L'Eglise Éternale" organ piece & describing it w/o their knowing what it is

08:00 Hyla talks about Saul Bass, a pioneer of innovative movie titling, & mentions a movie he made called "Why Man Creates" ( ). Ben joins in b/c he'd recently heard an NPR special on him - Bass made a movie called "Phase 4" ( )- he also made the titles for Blake Edwards' "The Pink Panther" - tENT talked about just having checked out Edwards' "S.O.B." wch he liked

[after tENT posted the link to these notes on his Amir-ul Kafirs Facebook page, Hyla provided this Saul Bass link:

"Saul Bass: Famous title sequences from Preminger to Scorsese":

08:09 Ben discovers that he brought the wrong Messiaen DVD but the wrong one begins w/ Messiaen playing improvisations on a giant church organ so it still fit the theme

08:15 Ben talks about the simplicity of Musical Heritage Society record covers

08:16 tENT shows the 1st Poseidon label record cover, # 1001, b/c of its even more extreme minimalism - in this case a sticker on a white cover

08:17 tENT presents Brian & Ted Dewan's "King of Instruments" filmstrip on VHS wch he publishes

08:30 Hyla plays an evangelist faith healer named "Pastor that Lives Faith" whose act has an organ in it - he says things like "touch my body" in it

08:41 Ben moves onto a different type of hands-on healing w/ "The Rudy Ray Moore Zodiac Album"

08:50 We go off on a tangent about CAPA Antihesis, wch Ben founded or cofounded, the highschool for the arts' contemporary music ensemble wch led to talk about Anthony Braxton, who Ben had brought to CAPA & where Antithesis played Braxton's work - this leads to Ben talking about Braxton's piece for 5 planets & we look at the title for that one wch is in the Braxton piece for 4 orchestras box set bklt

- tENT mentions a piece he conceived of in 1978 or earlier for playing a replica of the NY, NY Woolworths bldg to encircle the Earth & to be played w/ explosives

09:04 Soren plays "O Lupercalia!" from Soren's group "Soldiers & Sailors"'s CD-R entitled "The Tower, Inverted" - it has a Magnus chord organ on it - Soren gives tENT the CD-R

09:12 tENT gives Soren an extra copy of "The Manifestos of Surrealism"

09:15 tENT gives Ben a DVD-R copy of his movie that Ben's in: "mmm056: Invecticon!" wch can be checked out on tENT's onesownthoughts YouTube channel here:

09:20 Ben talks about Conglomerate Records tapes he'd recently acquired - see the minutes to mm 55 for more Conglomerate Records info & the movie here: - one of these tapes being "White Noise for Kasimir Malevich" that had been opened up & had its tape sprayed white - tENT later sent tENT the following 3 images by email, 1 of a rust tape & other 2 of the white tape

09:22 tENT shows his relevant "Cheese-On-Cheese" sandwich board paintings done under the name of Tim Ore

09:25 tENT plays E. Power Biggs's "The Organ in America" record

09:34 tENT plays excerpts from Mauricio Kagel's movie of his composition entitled "Hallelujah" wch can be witnessed on UbuWeb here:

09:48 Ben plays 10" record of Gagaku w/ Sho (mouth organ)

09:55 Hyla plays YouTube of a Gagaku performance

10:00 Hyla, Soren, & Ben leave





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