BYOC #4: 2016.08.06 premier of tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE's "Limpolysemia"

[the movie of this BYOC #4 premier is here: ]

The Original Email Invite (slightly edited):

WELL, I've postponed starting the BYOC season in my backyard but, NOW, I'm finally getting rolling!  I had intended to start waaaayyyyyyy back in April but, oh, well..  

SO, this Saturday, August 6, 2016, doors open 7:30PM, tENT's backyard: _____

BYOC #4!  

with guest appearance by Ryan Broughman from Richmond!    

Enter thru the alleyway doorway to the left of the main _____ doorway.  It will be marked.  

The 'enter'(or 'exit')tainment will begin with some LIVE Music Box pieces at 8PM by yrs truly, tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, & by Ryan.  This will be followed by the world premier (& probably ONLY screening) of my 

"Limpolysemia (Limpolysemia)"

[interpolation: The actual title's 1st word has the 1st 3 letters & the last 3 in the Cyrillic alphabet but the program I'm using to create this website doesn't allow that (or if it does I don't know how to do it). The original email was always partially in Russian. Thanks to the font limitations here the Russian text isn't included.]

starting around sunset at 8:38PM.  &, yes, this is quite long, weighing in at 3:05:09 &, yes, it's already online at the Internet Archive so if you'd rather stay home & skim thru a few minutes of it & then delude yourself into thinking you've 'watched it' that's yr business.  

HOWEVER, do not fear you are 'free' to talk & drink & do other non-destructive things to help you enjoy the long haul.  You are also 'free' to leave early or arrive late.  HOWHOWEVER, I suggest being on time b/c I think the 1st part of the movie is the strongest part.  

ANYWAY, I hope you come because this movie is very educational & is much better than viagra combined w/ a specially trained octopus.  The reason why I'm screening it while Ryan is visiting is because he plays a major role in it & also made the screen recording footage for it.  I will also have my latest CD release w/ the theme song for the movie as part of it for sale for the low, low price of total adulation of me or $10 - wchever is easiest for you.

Some of your other favorite pittsburgh-based human beings also make at least cameo appearances: Carlin Christy, Ben Grubb, Caleb Gamble.  FURTHERMORE (how much do I need to add), Neoist Monty Cantsin participated from Rotterdam.  This could be that once in a lifetime chance!  If you've always wanted a dose of Neoism, this is it!  IT STILL MIGHT NOT MAKE ANY SENSE TO YOU but don't let that bother you, sit back & enjoy the interaction between Pittsburghers & Minskers.


Limpolysemia defined  


"Limpolysemia" is a word I coined was the name for a tele-video-conference between myself and 3 friends in Pittsburgh, a friend in Richmond, a friend in South Carolina, and a friend in Rotterdam and a group of people in Minsk in Belarus.  The idea was that we share interests in creative activism - what I call "IMP ACTIVISM".  

Since the conference involves people who speak English as a main language and people who speak Russian as a main language, I coined Limpolysemia as a word that uses both the Cyrillic & Roman alphabets.  

Monty Cantsin, my main contact in Belarus, has been part of a group whose name is transliterated as "Lipovy Tsvet" which he claims means "Lime Blossom".  Another Russian speaker I know says that it actually is closer to "Linden Blossom".  With this in mind, I initially proposed that we call the conference "Lemon Seed".  

Discussion led to the idea of "polysemy", "the coexistence of many possible meanings for a word or phrase".  This then turned into the word "polysemy" placed in between syllables of "Lem-on" or "Lempolysemon".  Various confusions or possible meanings coexistences resulted in Limpolysemia which could be taken to mean "Lim-polysem-it" of "The Limit of Polysemy".  





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