Censored or Rejected

Throughout my life I've probably encountered considerably more objections & resistance to my ideas, actions, & creations than most people would ever imagine. But it seems that now that I'm in my 60s that this has escalated almost to the point of total across-the-board rejection in almost all areas of my life. I must not be cute or charming anymore, eh?! I'm hypothetically at an age where my work would've long since garnered the respect & admiration that would result in people's eagerly anticipating what I might do next, in people's wanting to support my progress, Instead, I find myself blocked at almost every step of the way - almost exclusively by younger people of highly limited imagination, knowledge & skill bases who condescendingly place themselves above me. They'll teach me to have opinions & ways of doing things that're different from the ones they were taught in the university!

When I think of myself as a writer, for example, I think of pieces like "PLAY OUT REGRESS" (1969/1979), "connect-the-alphabet" (1978), "fingerprinting" (1978), "prikalkililo ktp" (1981), "Form Love Letter" (1984), Deaf Education SMILE (1986), ""Corrected" Dyslexic Variations" (1988), "C.O.G.S." (1988), "Confession in Support of the 1990 - 1993 Art Strike" [ http://www.thing.de/projekte/7:9%23/y_Confession_in_Support.html ] & "On the Use of "Paradox" as a Philosophical "Electric Prod" & emBEDded Ulterior Motives as Trickster of the SubConscious in the Writings of Tim Ore" (1989) [ http://www.thing.de/projekte/7:9%23/tent_confession_comment.html ], Hairballs, Wigs, and Weaves for Skinheads (1990), "New York / BalTimOre Name Exchange Proposal Letter" (1990), "Crud(oo) Spiral Tim(oo) Cal(oo)ndar - Offic(oo) Party - (Whoos(oo) N(oo) Y(oo)ar?)" (1975-1990), "Puzzle Writing" (1992), "History Begins Where Life Ends" (1993) [ http://www.thing.de/projekte/7:9%23/tent_history_begins.html ], "Low Classical Usic" (1996), Lost in Translation (1997), "A Collector's Item - 25 Years of Rubber Stamping" (2004), "Brain-Bairn" (2004), "diSTILLed Life / rfeEINr Ashairenm / reFINEr Anarchism / reINfer Arachnism" (2003), "As I was Saying, "The Making of Americans", y'know?" (2009), "Po, Li, Ou a language game" (2009-2010), "vii" (2010), "J from A to Z" (2012), & "txt msg editorial" (2012) & it seems glaringly obvious to me that I have a huge body of highly original, diverse, unusual, & meticulous work.

Nonetheless, especially recently, I've even had work requested from me which is then, in turn, subjected to so much attempted censorship & "editing" or outright rejected that it astounds me. This website is a step in the direction of making that work publicly available. For the moment, I'll refrain from quoting from insulting emails received & other examples of the hostility I'm subjected to in order to just present the work straight without the fractious contextualizing that might further exacerbate already inflamed situations. If, after reading such things, YOU feel motivated to publish my writing &/or to present my increasingly unavailable movie &/or performance work please write me at the email address below.


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