1989. The Fringes of Reason - A Whole Earth Catalog

This is another article where I only get passing mention - but, HEY!, if I save my pennies one day I'll have a whole dollar! So what if by the time that happens, Health Insurance company CEOs's very expensive taste for genetically modified edible human skin underwear will have led to an inflation that devalues pennies to 1/1,000th of what a penny was worth in 1953 when I was born?! The following is the complete 4pp article by Jay Kinney with illustrations by Paul Mavrides:



Kinney claims that: "One indication of the new regime instituted by Drummond was the extensive use of false Church names in place of members' real names. Though Stang and Drummond's names were authentic enough, most post-1979 SubGenii took assumed names as part of their initiation into the cult. Janor Hypercleats and Sterno Keckhaver (both from Little Rock), Tentatively A. Convenience (of Baltimore), Pastor Buck Naked (of Dallas), Puzzling Evidence (of Oakland), Lies (of San Francisco), St. Byron Werner (of L.A.)-all sported transparently ridiculous monickers."

Aside from not knowing that my name is spelled in tOGGLE cASE thusly: "tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE", what Kinney also doesn't know is that tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE was actually branded on my appendix when I was still forming as a fetus in some kind of womb (I never will know exactly what kind) when I was initiated in the cult that I escaped from to the safe harbor of the Church (& Foundation) of the SubGenius. Praise Blob!






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