Collaboration is extremely important to me. It's a way of getting outside of one's own habits by introducing new possibilities that one's collaborator brings into the situation. It's also a way of creating a "Third Mind", to borrow a concept from William S. Burroughs & Brion Gysin, a gestalt by definition greater than its individual parts.

I've collaborated with so many people on so many projects that it's hard to bring myself to tackle the task of listing them all here & hard to articulate their individual importance to me. As a beginning, I'll list the people that I've been most firmly partnered with, the ones that I've shared planning & brainstorming sessions with - rather than to include people who've been open to working with me at a more removed level. Of course, that distinction isn't always clear-cut.

This results in the hopefully temporary exclusion of listing everyone that I've ever played (M)Usic with, eg, which would be a list of hundreds of people.

Instead, this is a list of people that I've either co-conceived projects with or that've contributed substantial energy beyond the norm to a project I conceived by myself. It also includes people that I've worked with on multiple projects over long periods of time.

Two exceptions to the above limiting filtration are Pamelia Stickney & Libby Ramer, people that I collaborated with minimally but made such substantial pieces in connection with that they seem worth linking to here.

For the moment, I'll omit people I may've worked with but who mostly worked against me for various 'reasons' that I find objectionable - such as to feed their own vanity - a problem common to shallow artists that I've had the good fortune to mostly avoid.

The dates that're shown are somewhat confusing. The main period of collaboration may not be as continuous as the dating might seem to imply. If a year follows a comma it basically means that no collaboration took place in the year gap leading up to it. EG: I collaborated mainly with Doug Retzler from 1979 to 1984 but 'acted' in a movie of his in 1972ish before this period - & I made a movie with him in 1988 after this period. If & when this website develops I'll try to make the info more specific.

End dates don't necessarily mean that I've stopped collaborating with someone - it just means that that was the last year that we collaborated. In many cases, we'll probably continue to work with each other. The dates can also be deceptive in the sense that a short period doesn't necessarily mean a shallow interaction & a long period doesn't necessarily mean a profound one.

- October 10, 2016 (etc) notes from tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE


1972-1985, 1988: Doug "Sumu Pretzler" Retzler

1975-1980: Charlie "Chas" Brohawn

1976-1981, 2010-2011, 2015: Paula "Polio Vasslene" Gillen

1979-1981, 1988: Richard Tryzno Ellsberry

1979-1982, 1988: Casandra "HannaH AvivA" von Rinteln

1980-2010: Monty Cantsin Amen

1982-1983, 1997-1998: Dave Bakker

1984, 1988: Gail Litfin

1984, 1988: Reinhardt U. Sevol

1984, 1988: Via Vidorae

1985-1997: John Berndt

1986-2021: Vermin Supreme

1986-1988: Norman Yeh

1987-1997: Neil Feather

1987-1989: John Sheehan

1987-1991: Laura Adele "Truseal"

1984, 1988: Pete Horobin

1988-1989: "Peter Pan" Zahorescz

1989-1993: Jake T. Unclean

1990-1993: John Eaton

1992: Rebecca Barten

1993-2010: Florian Cramer

1994-1997: John Henry Nyenhuis

1995-2016: Ben Opie

1996-2005: etta cetera

1997-2013: Michael Pestel

1997-2016: Hyla Willis

2000: Karen Eliot

2000: Warren Burt

2000-2010: Joy Toujours

2001-2015: Spat Cannon

2003-2011: Sylli G

2005-2015: Julie Gonzalez

2008-2009: Johan Nystrom

2008-2016: Kenny Haney

2008-2017: Roger Dannenberg

2008-2015: David Bernabo

2008-2011: Ben Harris

2008-2016: Unfinished Symphonies

2009-2013: Rich Pell

2012-2017: Matt Aelmore

2014-2016: Ryan Broughman

2017: Pamelia Stickney

2017: Libby Ramer






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