1993. On Edge - Performance at the End of the Twentieth Century

In November of 1988, I participated in the First International Anathema Party Takeover (the One Millionth Apartment Festival) in New York City organized by Monty Cantsin (Istvan Kantor). Monty was always an excellent organizer of such things but I had only recently returned from 4 months in 'Great Britain' & the Festival of Non-Participation (organized by Monty Cantsin (Pete Horobin)) & I was beginning to be a bit cynical about Apt Fests (NOT, I should emphasize, because of the Festival of Non-Participation but because of other cumulative affects).

This was, indeed, a festival of substantial conflict, as probably befits a revolutionary situation. At one point, I even talked someone out of beating Monty on the head with a lead pipe. Still, it was an interesting time. It was the 1st & last time I got to meeet the legendary gay filmmaker & performer Jack Smith. Cynthia Carr from the Village Voice was covering the festival & her article about it entitled "The Triumph of Neoism" appeared in quick order:

Jack Smith is visible behind Neoist drummer/chef Gordon W. Zealot on the right.

New York City based Mail Artist Mark Bloch took exception to Monty's self-declaring as The Leader of the People of the Lower East Side & wrote a letter to the VV. I wrote a reply & combined all 3 of these things on one double-sided 11X17" paper that's reproduced above.

When Carr interviewed me, I was being particularly flippant towards mass media. When I assembled the above broadside, I mocked myself by writing: "Having my publicity & eating it too" by which I meant that while I was being flip with Carr I was also happy to get the press coverage. I told her something to the effect that 'I hate the Village Voice & hope you'll write something bad about me' probably because I was under the impression at the time that the Voice had become too mainstream. I've since read somewhere a critique of the Voice for having so many sex sites advertising - saying that they were profiting off of sex slavery - so maybe I was justified in my attitude at the time.

Carr published this book of her performance criticism 5 years later & included "The Triumph of Neoism" in it. This has resulted in thousands of high-paying performance gigs being offered me. NOT.






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