1999. Rapid Eye Movement

In my book page for Stewart Home's "Neoism, Plagiarism & Praxis" I say that "It's actually easy to find out who Stewart's more weak-minded friends are by reading what they have to say & comparing it to what Stewart says. If it's basically a paraphrase of Stewart then it's not really 'their thoughts' it's their parroting of Stewart's statements." & "Character Assassination against specific individuals works very well if the perpetrator just keeps at it. It's partially a matter of making the people around you feel like they'd be obvious fools if they had any other opinion. It even works with otherwise intelligent people who just gradually internalize the negative opinion as if it's their own - even if they don't actually know the target." & "Stewart makes 'definitive' statements as if he's an ultimate 'objective' 'expert' on the subject."

The author of "Rapid Eye Movement" does seem to've been a friend of Stewart's but I can't honestly call him "weak-minded". He has a taste for sensationalism & degradation that he reports on as if he's 'above' it at the same time that his writing relies on it to appeal to his readers. He's like Stewart insofar as he "makes 'definitive' statements as if he's an ultimate 'objective' 'expert' on the subject" without necessarily relying on anything more substantial than his snap-judgments. He's very sure of his 'rightness' & his opinions are aggressive & manic.

I 1st heard of Rapid Eye from an English correspondent who liked the magazine that these articles may've been written for. My friend Monty Cantsin (Istvan Kantor) had been interviewed for it so that furthered my interest. Because of this, I bought this book. Dwyer died in October of 1997. The book is copyrighted 1999, & actually published in 2000. As such, it's hard for me to date it. I picked 1999 as the 'middle' date.

I read it a long time ago & don't remember much of it. I remembered my being mentioned in it twice in a dismissive insulting way & realizing that Dwyer must've known of me through talking with Stewart about me in the mid 1990s when Stewart was furiously character-assassinating me because I had dared to criticize him. That explained Dwyer's nastiness neatly because he clearly didn't actually know much about me. As I skimmed through the book now to look for my mention I only found one & I didn't feel like wasting any further time on looking for the 2nd (which may not exist anyway).

Dwyer uses a typical tactic against me: he categorizes my activity as "art", which it wasn't intended to be, because that's basically the only way he can 'understand' it, & then mocks it for being so.

Before I'd even gotten to the mentions of me I'd already more or less hated Dwyer's opinions which were exemplified for me by his love of the work of David Hockney, a painter whose work I despise. I'm mentioned in Dwyer's article about tooling around in the US called "The Plague Yard, Altered States of America". In it, several things were clear to me: 1. Dwyer had money, enough to enable him to rush about without ever having to worry about finances; 2. Dwyer was willing to make generalizations about US culture as if he were an expert without bothering to investigate anything beyond wherever his thirst for sensationalism took him.

Hence Andres Serrano's "Piss Christ" gets frequent attention. It's got 'everything' Dwyer needs: bodily fluids + blasphemed religion + money. I'm perfectly happy to see Christinanity blasphemed & could care less whether Serrano gets denied government money to do so.


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