2020.09 Unconscious Suffocation - A Personal Journey through the PANDEMIC PANIC

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At the beginning of March, 2020, the author noticed a dramatically increased degree of paranoia in the general populace engendered by highly sensational fear-mongering in the mass media. Commenting on this on social media lead to an astonishing amount of groupthink mob bullying. The author sought kindred spirits and formed a small email group eventually called the HERETICS. These HERETICS proceeded to share research, observations, philosophical writings, and artworks of their own and others that addressed the situation. The HERETICS are located in 3 countries and 5 cities. After 5 months of intensive exchanges, Amir-ul Kafirs decided to release a heavily edited document reflecting their investigation. This book is it. Health and economic issues are both discussed as well as more social issues such as manipulation of popular opinion. While there is no closure on a situation still in-progress, the HERETICS' general consensus is that the 'pandemic' as a health concern has been grossly exaggerated as an excuse for global economic restructuring and as a distraction from the profound effects of this restructuring.


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review of

Amir-ul Kafirs & fellow HERETICS'

"Unconscious Suffocation - A Personal Journey through th PANDEMIC PANIC"

by tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE - September 24, 2020

- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/55445943-unconscious-suffocation---a-personal-journey-through-the-pandemic-panic


This is a 'review' of my own book since Amir-ul Kafirs = tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE. Like my other 'reviews' of my own books, this isn't really a 'review', it's just a brief description meant to point you in the book's direction. That said, I will indulge myself & make the claim that this book is bound to be one of the most detailed looks at the various mind control ramifications of using an invisible threat as a way of severely dividing the world into opposing camps & keeping these camps distracted while a 2nd Industrial Revolution occurs that's bound to be just as destructive as the 1st one for everyone except for the greedy few who're manipulating the masses. Read it and weep, as the expression goes - but the struggle isn't over yet & while a vast majority of humans seem to've become hopelessly brainwashed there're still many of us for whom RESISTANCE IS FERTILE and, importantly, we are neither left or right, Republican or Democrat; we're FREE THINKERS, the ultimate enemy of GROUPTHINK, bound to be hated but also bound to be more alive. Anti-Globalization Activists, such as myself, would do well to consider current events in the light of previous resistance to the IMF & the WEF & the World Bank because it's these folks & the billionaires that they represent who're up to their old tricks.



Dick Turner's review of

Unconscious Suffocation - A Personal Journey through the PANDEMIC PANIC

- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/55445943-unconscious-suffocation---a-personal-journey-through-the-pandemic-panic

Dick Turner rated it 5 stars

it was amazing

Let me first say that I am one of the authors of this book.

Thus this review will not be qualitative but descriptive.

Allow me however to say that I recommend it strongly. I don't hesitate to say that it is unique.

Let me reiterate that I am a participant in this book but, having said that, I will add that I don't know of another text like it. It is at once a sort of technical manual, resource book, collection of essays, detective novel-thriller, confessional, psychological record and exposé.

It didn't start out that way -it didn't start out to be a book at all, it was just an exchange of emails between people who had some doubts and didn't know who they could share their feelings with. Little by little it transformed into a sort of voyage of discovery through unknown territory.

The book is made up of three basic types of material:

1) an exchange of emails which took place between several sceptics of the official narrative of the Covid-19 event over several months

2) the texts of articles and official statistics shared among the participants (and links towards many others)


3) personal essays by the participants.

There are also graphics and other materials.

Personal Note: I have known Almir-ul Kafirs for around 35 years, perhaps a bit longer. We exchange emails, usually on subjects dealing with art or music, from time to time. Anyway, just before the lockdown began here (in Paris where I live) I casually mentioned to him that something seemed odd in the official narrative that was forcing us into isolation. I noticed some strange things in how the information about the "pandemic" was being presented. Something just wasn't gelling. (These I cover in one of my essays in the book). He said that a couple of his other friends had said similar things and shortly thereafter the group was formed to share experiences, articles and observations.

What followed constitutes the book. It is the "story" (in quotes because the book isn't a narrative in the traditional sense) of the gradual awakening to a hidden narrative which, as time went by and the facts accrued, became, in my mind, unquestionable. Every aspect of the "crises" is treated as the events happened, from the estimates of deaths, to the use of publicity firms by the WHO, to the Covid simulations- all of it.

Allow me to say that it all took place before any mention was made of "conspiracy", we just noticed things on our own. It's strange to read some of it now - now that the official narrative has "forgotten" so much of its earlier declarations.

That's all I need say here - everything that needs to be said is in the book. It is 1,200 pages long and every page deals with the reality of this moment in time. It deals with what we are, collectively as human beings, living through and what I hope we will surmount as humans together.

For me it is essential reading.

Thank you.






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