2020.12.18 / 2021.01.14 But not limited to (Smattering 1)


The publisher accidentally published it in Black & White 1st & when I realized that that mistake was made I called it to their attention & they "unpublished" it & republished it in color, as it was intended to be, a month later. If searching for it online yields Amazon's "not available at this time" then that's a reference to the B&W mistake version. Here's the CORRECT info for getting the color one from Amazon:


The publisher's web page for it is here:



I am almost completely disgusted with & alienated from humanity. Nonetheless, like a particularly obsessed salmon, I'll continue to swim up-dam until it kills me (it won't be long now). I'll impregnate the world with my seeds even after the minds are almost entirely paved over. There'll always be cracks. This book is only a smattering but it'll give you an idea, many ideas, in fact.

- March 25, 2021 notes from tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE


But Not Limited To (Smattering)



aka Tim Ore, etc..

- November, 2020 (Vision)


The genesis of this bk lies in Tom DiVenti's Apathy Press having published my How to Write a Resumé: Volume 2: Making a Good First Impression in 1989. Tom & I knew each other in BalTimOre during what might've been a heydey of nihilistic punk in the 1970s through the 1990s. We're also both friends w/ Dick Turner, whose bk, The New Math, Tom published. Dick is now helping Tom with his new imprint, Entity Press. Dick expressed interest in seeing my paintings, this segued into an offer for Entity to publish a new bk by me, one that's graphically oriented. This proposal opened a slew of possibilities that I immediately felt overwhelmed by: I am, after all, pppprrrrrrroooooollllliiiiffffffiiiiiiccccc, to put it mildly. There're thousands of pieces.

In 2006, I'd scanned 190 posters from events I organized &/or otherwise participated in &/or designed the graphics for dating from 1979. There wd be quite a bit more from the ensuing 14 yrs. That, in itself, wd be a substantial bk. It wd've also been too big for the aimed-for no-more-than-200-pages, 6X9" size. But it didn't matter anyway because all the scans were corrupted. Nix that idea.

There cd be whole bks dedicated to just:


things that I've made to be worn

my scores & writings on (M)Usic

my work as Tim Ore

stills from my 629 movies

my designs for bk, CD, LP, K7 covers, etc

stories about friends

personal reminiscenses of a sensational nature


my science-fiction book reviews

my experimental writings


& I'd like to make all those bks eventually. In the meantime, I've chosen to pick a few things each from some poster designs, some picket signs, an assemblage, a braille-written?on photo, some paintings, some photos, blood prints, a mask, bumper stickers, a plan for an unrealized project, my tarot card, stationery, a slogan, a paper airplane, a website, a "Missed Connection", logos, rubber stamps, an article, business cards, an engraved multi-tool, a record cover, t-shirts, a tattoo plan, an ID, a billboard, some historical evidence, some philosophical thoughts, some online presence, etc. In other words, I try to present a representative smattering of some of my more graphic endeavors. It hardly presents samples of everything but it'll give enuf to, perhaps, intrigue, stimulate, & amuse.

I'll try to limit my tendency to verbose detail, let's hope the images will speak volumes. Much, or most, of this work has only been seen by a few people, if any at all.





idioideo at gmail dot com


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