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Collections and Archives as Creative Practice  

Artist as Collectors of Info: let's get personal ­ olivia ciummo

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I was thinking about the differences between practices of artists in book collecting as to people who collect books for their rarity. I guess it is self-explanatory as to how and why a person would collect for the sake of collecting an object, pretty straightforward.  I guess the question I ask is it the same for artist?

With artist I found a distinct engagement in the way the collection is formed, the content and cataloging. A personal connection to the collection rather than a collection biased on accumulation of rare forms.  I'm not saying all that collectors outside of the realm of art have no connection to the content of their collection. Rather the idea of contrasting and comparing collecting objects for personal reference to collecting objects for sequential relevance due out of a system of capitalist (meaning money making) publishing.

I interviewed filmmaker, video maker and artist tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE to investigate the functions of his book collection. (please note the questions I ask) I also referenced Martha Rosler's collection to look for similarities in these two artists' trade of collecting books. This I contrast with book collectors of another kind. Such as noted in Baudrillard's The System of Objects (I know we all love Baudrillard) page 93. He accounts a story told by Maurice Rheims (art collector and writer on art) about a bibliophile that dealt with unique and original copies of books, who one day learned about a second copy of a particular book. Leaning this he tracked down the location, bought the book burned it and had a lawyer draw up a legal document stating that his copy was now the ONLY copy. This is the contrast I speak of between artist that collect and collectors, though possibly extreme.  The notion of objectification and putting forth the effort of doing violent actions to identify the object as an object to be counted, collected or amassed.  This I think is absent form the story on Martha Rosler's website (http://www.e-flux.com/projects/library/about.php) and form the interview below with tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE. These artist have collected to do research, to understand knowledge and to use it to make art. Not to own an object.


When did you start being a book collector? Was it a particular book or subject that got you started?

The value of the books that I collect is based on their content & the significance of that content to me personally NOT on market value ­ which would usually be contrary to what I consider to be important.  It's also based on how rare the content of the book is.

For example, I'm not as likely to buy a mass-market cookbook, even though the recipes might be useful, just because there's no 'need' for my library to contain a book that's likely to be found easily elsewhere.  The books I acquire are books I intend to READ or, at least, use as a reference work.  As such, I'm much more likely to look for rare music theory, politics, film history, science, literature, art, etc, books than I am for something as omnipresent as something by a popular horror writer, eg.  I won't get a book just because it's a 1st edition or some such, but I will look for publications that I think will be hard to find because they're small editions, etc..

How you go about searching for books on the Internet? Do you still use methods of searching other than the Internet?

I'm almost constantly researching & looking for books that might be valuable sources for me to study.  EG: after we talked on the phone tonight, I started thinking that I should read that Iranian book of the so-called 'terrorist' confessions that I was lucky enough to pick up an English-language copy of in Australia.  That got me to thinking about Reza Baraheni, the author of "The Crowned Cannibals: Writings on Repression in Iran".  Reza was an Iranian poet in exile in the USA who had been tortured under the Shah's secret police, SAVAK.  I knew him in Baltimore & we both gave readings at a friend's apartment one night in Baltimore in the late 1970s.  I decided that I should read his book 1st so I went online & ordered a copy of it (only $5.00 w/ shipping!).  That means I've now set in motion YET-ANOTHER research project for myself.

How do you go about lending books out?

If someone that I know will benefit from or appreciate the book I will lend it out to them (unless it's TOO irreplaceable).  The lending process is 'controlled' by trust and memory. For example, if someone borrows a book it's up to them to remember to return it.  If it's been a long time and I see that the book is still missing I'll harass them to return it.  If neither they nor I remember then it's a loss. I don't lend to people I don't know.

My system isn't that different from any other lending library except that it's based more on trust & doesn't have a bureaucracy.

How do you catalog each item?

Again, not THAT differently from any other library insofar as books are organized according to content rather than by, say, the cover's color or some such.  The organizational categories are simply very common ones that I'm likely to remember such as Literature, Art, and Film, etc. But these categories aren't necessarily the best for accuracy.  For example, Timothy Leary can be found under Drugs, though he might be more correctly filed under philosophy ­ I just put his books under drugs because I mostly associate him with expanded consciousness research that involves LSD, etc.

When did you start being a book collector? Was it a particular book or subject that got you started?

When I was a little kid my elementary school had a few book sales & I got a copy of a book of limericks & illustrations by Edward Lear called "A Book of Nonsense".  I probably had other books before that but that's the one that really sticks in my mind as somehow 'precious' ­ 'precious' in the sense of seeming almost magically wonderful to me.

How you go about searching for books on the internet?

I rarely search for books on the internet.  If I did I'd have to use extreme critical limitations or it would be too expensive.

Do you still use methods of searching other than the internet?

I mainly look for books in used book stores, at library sales, yard sales, that sort of thing.  Wherever they can be gotten cheapest or for free.

If you are especially eager to obtain a copy of a particular book, do you buy one in lesser condition if that is all that's available?

Condition is of little importance except insofar as it effects readability. I want all of its pages to be there..  that sort of thing.

Do you upgrade to a better copy when one becomes available?

Not usually.  I'd rather get a different book than repeat.

What other hobbies, interests, or recreation or arts, etc., do you enjoy?

I'm interested in almost everything EXCEPT sports.

What would you like to tell us, business or personal, about yourself?

electronically signed,


Amir-ul Kafirs

Some tenuous beginnings of P.N.T. (Perverse Number Theory):

(for all x)x = (for all x)x (Anything is Anything)

(A Double Negative As Not A Positive)

(A finite quantity represented as a set containing

an infinite quantity of its subdivisions

(such as its subdivision in terms of rational numbers)

does not equal the same finite quantity

represented as a set containing an infinite quantity

OF A DIFFERENT DEGREE of its subdivisions

(such as its subdivision in terms of irrational numbers).)

m + n does not equal n + m is isomorphic to x

the ceiling of x is greater than or equal to the ceiling of the ceiling of x

(Enough is Enough)

The Formula of the Origin of the H.M. (Hermaphrodite Mafia):

(S0+S0) = so&so (predicate: 1 + 1 = the free variable so-&-so)

interpretation 01: predicate:

The successor to zero plus the successor to zero

equals the free variable so-&-so.

interpretation 02: predicate:

Parents have produced a child

that transcends their fixed gender status.


Some tenuous beginnings of I.J.T. (Internal Jumbling Technique):

The biran of hdeas teird & selpt 'til its biarn was in a wreid sacpe.  It cvread the stlay crud on its berad & in its driay snak in the sitan of the bran & the bran aklie.



Work will make you Free Trade,


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E.G.Head / id ntity / Tim Ore / Party Teen on Couch #2 /

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1/2 of "Who is like God?s"

Shayn Fargesn


The Big Daddy Index:




A lengthy interview w/ me conducted by my old friend

the poet/essayist Alan Davies & entitled

"tENTATIVELY, aN iNTERVIEW" is available in an early

version as part of Otoliths 27:


& is available in a more complete version here:






My GoodReads profile is @:



& the Cognitive Dissidents group that I founded

& where I post most of my musings is @:



Shit! I even have a FACEBOOK page now!:



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For excellent fotos of some of my friends & me & 2 of the places where

I lived as taken by Paula Gillen from approximately 1977-1979 in Baltimore:



Prints of 3 early 16mm films of mine are available thru the

Enoch Pratt Free Library's collection in Baltimore:



My YouTube channel is:



The very 1st vaudeo I ever made, in collaboration w/ Steve Estes,

entitled "Computer Interview", in 1977:



My 3rd super-8 film & 4th movie (to use a non-medium-specific term)

is called "Ghost, A Projectionist's Nightmare" & is a 'materialist' film of sorts.

I had to break it into 2 parts for YouTube:




Nothing like a little potential nuclear disaster to bring out one's sense of humor,

"3 Mile Island - April 3, 1979" - made as part of "B.O.M.B."

("Baltimore Oblivion Marching Band"):



A vaudeo I directed about a participatory media network I cocreated:

"Quasi-Documentary of TESTES-3's End of Library K&M Series":



From June 29th to July 1st, 1979, there was a 66 hr event marking the transition

from the phone station whose numbers spelled TESTES-3 to its successor

VD-RADIO: "TESTES-3 Coming-Out Party / Sleep Deprivation Therapy School":



Some resistance to gender stereotyping from filmmaker Ricki DellAmerica

that includes me at age 26: "Gender Fuck Party (closet film)" (1980):



On Groundhog's Day (Feb 2) 1981 I attempted to 'break the laws'

of "consensus reality" thru self-hypnosis:

"id ntity's attempt to undermine "reality" maintenance traps":



From May 29th to June 7th, 1981 "81 APT", the 3rd International

Neoist Apartment Festival, happened in BalTimOre (the 1st 2 were in Montréal).

I was the main organizer of it. This was a colaboration between

the Krononautic Organism (who were mostly somewhat hostile),

the Merzaum Collective (whose Festivals of Disappearing Art(s)

were clear precursors) - both BalTimOre based, & the Neoist Research Center

(Montréal based), w/ some input from the Church of the SubGenius

in the form of Doug Smith. Since there was little or no money

for this festival & since resources in general were erratic,

the documentation was minimal & lo-res. In February, 2010, I

finally re-edited what little I had & broke this into 9 parts

- one for each day of the festival when something officially happened

('nothing' on Monday, June 1st) & put these 9 days on YouTube:

81 APT - May 29: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FfY1dw6RDI

81 APT - May 30: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWi6IbbbV30

81 APT - May 31: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_d1ZOJSXDoY

81 APT - June 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PypwASFkZOE

81 APT - June 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBtxXTud35c

81 APT - June 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lg6os32NYN8

81 APT - June 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTR5JPo3kMA

81 APT - June 6: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWFqCozelug

81 APT - June 7: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E60pbAp1HgU


An early (1981) excursion into pedagogy, "Paper Dolls in Dava's Class":



My 1982 collaboration w/ HannaH AvivA done under the name of E.G.Head

is entitled "A Double Negative As Not A Positive"

& is UNLISTED @: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSxlaMSynjE


My 16mm film variation on the Sing-Along-with-the-Bouncing-Ball

type of film - meant to stimulate the vaudience to create its soundtrack

by responding to the visuals as graphic notation:

"Sound Along w/ t he Bounding Ball(s)" (1983):



In 1983, I participated in a wonderful Thanksgiving Day Parade organized mainly by Doug Retzler. Our participation aroused some controversy. I was attired as a baby-stomping President Reagan with a 'Thanksgiving Prayer' banner that read; "Give us Today a Conquered Nation so Many More May Suffer Starvation":



Here's a movie that I didn't make but that's in my archive of a musical project by a friend named John Sheehan that I think is very interesting:

"Great CO2 Orchestra - Mercury Café, Denver - March 24, 1984":



012. "excerpt from: booed usic @ t he telectropheremoanin'quinquennial"

[should be credited to "t he booed usicians"]

- 11:58 selection in a 90 minute cassette

- from "Mail Compendium" compilation

- published by: D.J. @ F.O.M.T. in Belfast, Northern Ireland

- edited by: D.J.

- created on January 24, '84 & published in '84?

- edition of 1?

- online here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMOYy_W-Kkg


The original super-8 film of my "Neoist Guide Dog" participation

in the 8th International Neoist Apartment Festival in London in 1984

as shot by Pete Horobin - made in conjunction w/ Gail Litfin:



One of my most formally sophisticated & elaborate long-term projects is the series of 15 movies (as of August 2, 2014) called "Subtitles". Here's a version called "Subtitles (3/4' version) from 1980-82 / 1984. The upload is annoyingly lo-fi but it was the 'best' I cd do under the circumstances:



My 1985 take-off on Joseph Celli's "Snare Drum for Camus"

entitled "Chinese for Celli":



An international neoist collaboration (approximately 30 people)

& the only 16mm SMILE (that I know of, at least) - 1984-1985 -

broken into 2 parts b/c of YouTube limitations:

"Transparent SMILE (Monty Cantsin performing witth White Colours)" pt 1:



"Transparent SMILE (Monty Cantsin performing witth White Colours)" pt 2:



A collaborative super-8 single-frame shooting film

from March 24, 1986: "International Neoist Day":



My 1987 experiments w/ video feedback done w/ the assistance of

Michelle Estebon & Laura Trussell: "Brain Waves Goodbye":



One of the 72 Philosopher's Union Member's Mouthpieces,

this one of Emma Elizabeth Downing was made in early 1988:



A very short edit of a unique mix of Owen O'Toole's incredible

collaborative project from 1988 (& another collaborative super-8

single-frame shooting film): "Filmers Almanac (excerpt)":



Tent's Muir - Tentsmuir Park, Scotland, UK - July 11, 1988 - Laura A. Trueseal, Pete Horobin, & I lugged about 120 pounds or more of equipment for several miles at my not-very-enthusiastically received suggestion so that I could play with the booed usic busking unit in front of seals in their natural habitat:



Murraygate Busking - Murraygate Shopping Mall, Dundee, Scotland, UK - Saturday, August 13, 1988: live electro-acoustic booed usic played by VEX (Mike Kane) (guitar) & tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE & Laura A. Truseal (booed usic busking unit) w/ LAW (Laura Ann Walker) & tENT doing chalk drawing:



Who cd forget the incredible band that Neil Feather, John Berndt,

John Sheehan, & I had from 1987 to 1989:

"Something that Dissolves the Shadow of Something that was next to

Something that Combusted Twice. Once.":



& our final gig that involved 20 hrs of equipment set-up time alone:

":November 4th 1989EV Dis Place BAL TIM ORE":



A rare quasi-document of a Krononautic Organism Vernal EquinoX event

entitled "VEX 1990" featuring a piece for car horns by Dick Turner:



BalTimOre, March 23, 1990: "One-Word-per-Person Party":



In 1990, Professor David "Footlong" Franks & I (as "Moms" Brutus) collaborated on a parody of white supremacist skinheads called "Hairballs, Wigs, and Weaves for Skinheads". Here's some relevant tv 'news' footage:



BalTimOre, June 11, 1992: I play percussion in Franz Kamin's

"A.S.R.B.#1 (Aleatoric Reactory Systemic Bulletin #1)" (1967):



BalTimOre, June 11, 1992: I'm the "Thread Man" in Franz Kamin's

"Behavioral Drift 8/9 - the SLO GAME" (1992):



My old friend David Franks died around January 14, 2010.

Here's a movie I made of him philosophizing on June 24, 1992:



The 1st movie I ever made using morphing (thanks to Richard Brandow),

"Official Neoast Chair Didaction" (1992):



A duet (1992) w/ instrument inventor Neil Feather entitled

"Great Moments in Odd-Ball Sports: A Cue Stick Guitar Duet":



2 male neoists try to come to grips w/ a girl who somehow

doesn't immediately recognize the obvious genius of neoism

as a revolutionary stasis: "What's Your Fucking Problem You Bloody Gash":



My 1993 documentary that's simultaneously not a documentary,

"National Cancer Institute Documentary":



November 21, 1993: I participate in one of my favorite performances

conceived of & directed by someone other than myself:

"Franz Kamin's "Unknowing Games at the Hut"":



Klauhütte Bangzeit 200's performance of "Boota"

@ the Marstall Theater in München in 1994 w/ my lyrics & singing:



My only high-speed photography movie made in collaboration w/ Orgone Cinema,

"How Orgone Cinema Treats Its Visiting Filmmakers" (1995)

w/ a sampling soundtrack by me:



For a brief excerpt from my playing w/ the (at that time) 20 yr old

improvising group CCMC that features the incredible pianist/filmmaker Michael Snow:



A wry look at the believability of mass media,

"Department of Failures" (1995):


[censored off of YouTube thanks to a complaint from GD,

adjunct professor, film and media studies, Hunter College & elsewhere]


My 1st filmstrip, from 1996, "The Postman Always Rings the Homunculous

of Woody Allen & Hollis Frampton Twice":



November 2, 1996, I participate in an improv event called "High Evil"

in wch I use the toy VideoPainter, VHS tapes, & a broken AV mixer to

create visuals to be projected - in collaboration w/ 4 Pittsburgh sound improvisors:



The only political candidate I've ever endorsed:

"Vermin Supreme's Real Life Adventures from the Campaign Trail":



1997: My 1st collaboration w/ Michael Pestel who then became

my major collaborator until 2005: "Interspatiality"

This was important to me as the 1st piece where I stressed

NOT PLAYING TOGETHER on the moment-by-moment response basis

- but, rather, being part of a more largely conceived whole:



Now, who cd possibly get upset by something as innocent as an

"Anonymous Family Reunion"?:

"Anonymous Family Reunion: Ringing Rocks & Sonambient Theater":

"Anonymous Family Reunion: Momma MIA":

"Anonymous Family Reunion: Sonambient Theater":

"Anonymous Family Reunion: Sonambient Theatre":

Well, funny you shd ask that b/c after I had these on YouTube

for 2 wks I got a nasty threat from a woman who I don't know

implying some connection to Bertoia Studios (sound sculptures

by Harry Bertoia were used w/ permission in the movie) saying

that I didn't have Bertoia Studios' permission to upload this movie

& threatening to sue me. Odd, considering that I made this movie

& that Bertoia Studios had had a copy of it for over 12 yrs as of

the time of this conflict. At any rate, out of respect for the

original permission I was granted to make the movie (partially)

at Bertoia Studios I took these offline. Oh, well, where art world

money looms, any common sense of decency is bound to disappear.


Sometime in the early to mid 1970s I made a mysterious object

& put it in a drawer. On November 19, 1997, approximately 25 yrs later, I rediscovered this object & documented opening it w/ the assistance of my close friend & collaborator etta cetera: "Time Capsule":



My trilogy of "background movies" made as 'home movies' from 1997 to 1998

to accompany tracks from the wonderful Folkways record:

"Background Music for Home Movies":





My documentary about my 'performance' in the "7 across, 11 down"

festival in Toronto in 1998:

"Urban Myth of the Force that Prevents Building on the Railway Lands":



In March, 1998, 35 yrs after Tomas Schmit created this performance poem, etta cetera followed its instructions & I made a movie from it: "typewriter poem tomas schmit march 1963":



On July 12, 1998, I shot what became the last of the projected

50,000 Philosopher's..Mouthpieces. I particularly like this one

b/c of etta cetera's highly creative & youthful vitality:

"Philosopher's Union Member's Mouthpiece #00,072: etta cetera":



My philosophical filmstrip from 1999, "Shuffle Mode":



In 2000, my friend etta cetera & I went to Malaysia where,

amongst other things, we visited 2 Hindu Temples.

Here's my somewhat abstracted footage from the "Batu Caves":



Australia: For a glimpse of a genuine "Anti-Neoist Rally" (2000):



Australia: This is one of many movies I wdn't've made if etta cetera

hadn't prompted me to get off my ass & initiated the whole thing:

"The Lab Rats Explain Their Veggie-Oil Powered Van" (2000):



Australia: "Slime Detecting" (2000) IMP(ish) ACTIVISM:



Money Against Capitalism came out of the vaults & marched

on May Day, 2000 w/ anarchists in Melbourne, Australia

- finally giving a speech in front of the Stock Exchange there:



A mere 16 days after their mysterious appearance on May Day,

Money Against Capitalism cd be heard on the nationally syndicated

radio program in Australia: Anarchist World This Week.

"If only money could speak, what tales we would hear!":



Australia, May 31, 2000: "Street Ratbags meet John Safran":



Australia, June, 2000:

"Ghanesh interviews "Free-Range Intellectual" Damien Broderick":



The movie I made (2000-2002) of painter/performer Joe Coleman & dominatrix Whitney Ward's wedding at the Visionary Arts Museum entitled "Anemia of the Paparazzi" w/ an electronic soundtrack by myself:



"Is this Non-Euclidean Geometry?" No, probably not, but

maybe it deserves some other interesting niche.

Another collaboration w/ Michael Pestel:



In 2003, my friend Olivia Ciummo made a 16mm movie entitled:

"! The Unexpected End of Formula !" in wch I got to play

scientist / linguist / etc Thomas Young. While my 'acting'

doesn't amt to much, I think Olivia's film is great!:



For my little parody of the capitalist exploitation of turntablism as a 'sport':

"NASCAR vs Rudolph Diesel via Turntablism":



For the 1st short I made when I finally got a laptop to edit on

(December 2004) entiitled "Ledger of St Dermain"

wch has a soundtrack related to my collaboration w/

Michael Pestel called "Harps & Angles":



Pittsburgh, January 2006: "Steelers Fans Against the War":



Fun w/ other people's propaganda!: "Capitalism is an Ism":



For a highly abridged promotional lo-fi version of my

"Book 'Em" documentary (2000-2006):



I like to make mazes. In 2000 I made one in a house for a sortof

house-warming political event. It wasn't until 2006 that I made

this movie w/ what little documentary material I had at hand

to commemorate the mazes that I'd made so far. The movie's called

"abhilnrty" - an alphabetical anagram of "labyrinth". In the

4 yrs following my making it I never screened it anywhere

until I finally put it on YouTube:



I think the Musueum of Modern Art in NYC might have a 24:00 video online of the Jefferson Presents Analysis Projector show that we did there on May 17, 2008. This was, incredibly enuf, a SOLD-OUT SHOW:



For Tony Balko's 16mm footage of HiTEC

(Histrionic Thought Experiment Cooperative) 's beginning

of our 21st rehearsal on September 14, 2008EV:



For the beginning of my documentary of HiTEC's premier gig:



A soft focus high-definition wide-angle shot of a short excerpt

from the 1/9/9 premier of HiTEC at the New Hazlett Theater:



For a highly abridged version of the premier of HiTE Club

- the (M)Usic Club for Histrionic Thought Experimenters

& their fellow travelers:



For the HiTEC movie that also features Ian Page's

The End of Television project + Sound/Unsound Trio & the Valentine Trio:



For a brief look at & listen to the 2nd HiTE Club:



The 1st day of HiTEC @ the Visionary Arts Festival

(& days leading up to it):



The 2nd day of HiTEC @ the Visionary Arts Festival:



The 3rd & last day of HiTEC @ the Visionary Arts Festival:



For an audio-visual taste of the 3rd HiTE Club:



For a collaborative spoof of the mass media's demonizing of protesters

prior to the G20's coming to Pittsburgh called "TV 'News' Commits Suicide":



For a greater understanding of the background of the above movie, read "Propaganda":



The FINAL HiTE Club (#4):



HiTEC 064 I: "Avicenna's Floating Maori":



"Multiple Projections: 1978 to 2009":



Yet ANOTHER HiTEC movie! This time from the 3rd "Systems & Processes" class

that I taught @ CMU on November 4, 2009 (HiTEC 067 Y): "Robotic":



The 72nd & last HiTEC session was our public presentation at the

Kresge Recital Hall at the CFA (Center for Fine Arts) at CMU

(Carnegie Mellon University) on Saturday, March 13, 2010.

Here's the "Sheepdog" portion of the raw Hi-Def footage shot by

Morgan Cahn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oYIc09Zxk4


An excerpt from the edited version of HiTEC's FINAL GIG

that includes "Infinite Monkey Theorem", 'SOMNAMBULIST", "Saboteur",

"Bypass", "Birds", & "Affinity Groups" (+ 1 typo - can you find it?) is here:



An examination of one of the HiTEC Systems: "Infinite Monkey Theorem":



Gerry Fialka interviewed me on February 25, 2010

& I put the recording of it online here on the Internet Archive:



For my review of the highly relevant Gene Youngblood bk "Expanded Cinema":



My "Po, a language game" is online @:


The movie version is here:



My "Li, a language game" is online, thanks to Alan Sondheim, @


& here: http://www.goodreads.com/story/show/62010-po-li-ou?chapter=2

The movie version is here:



My "Ou, a language game" is online, thanks to Alan Sondheim, @:


& here: http://www.goodreads.com/story/show/62010-po-li-ou?chapter=3

The movie version is here in 2 parts:

pt 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDvCwN_QB04

pt 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPduDtGGlwU


& the final movie for YouTube in the Selectric Piano series is:

"Mark Dixon's Selectric Piano":



"Amy Catanzano discusses her book "Multiversal" with tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE":



"tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE discusses the answer to the question "What's your name?" with Amy Catanzano":



August 11, 2010: I premier the "Sonluminous" - a lighting frame

I built around a sound sculpture that'd been given to me:



On October 8, 2010, I presented an event in 4 sections

at Naropa University under the auspices of the

Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics:



Stills from the above can be seen here:



My composer friends James "Sarmad" Brody & Franz Kamin

died in a car crash on April 11, 2010. I participated in a

"Halloween Concert for Franz Kamin" in St Paul

on October 30, 2010. Here it's broken into 2 parts:




As a part of documenting the significance of Franz Kamin's work

I had the privilege of interviewing pianist/composer

Richard Cameron-Wolfe on October 31, 2010 in St Paul:



Another installment in my series of long & rough edits of footage

from the "DEPOT" documentary about Franz Kamin:

"John Beaulieu re Franz Kamin" (December 21, 2010):



"George Quasha re Franz Kamin":



EVEN MORE from my documentary about Franz Kamin:

"Franz Kamin's "Concert of Doors"":



Continuing my promotion of the work of Franz Kamin,

I've posted footage of a private piano recital of his

in Wisconsin from October 13, 2000 shot by Robert Burke:


"Franz Kamin plays Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition"":



"Franz Kamin plays Cowell's & Kamin's "Surrogate Banshee"":



"Franz Kamin plays Scriabin's "Vers la flamme"":



"Franz Kamin plays his own "Flight of Two Owls"":



"Franz Kamin plays Messiaen's "Neumes rythmique""



"Franz Kamin plays Grieg's "Lyric Suite"":



"Franz Kamin plays Liszt's "Dante Sonata"":



"Franz Kamin plays Ives' "Hawthorne"":



FINALLY, A REAL breakthru in international communications:

my international long-distance proposal to the Netherlands

WORM "experiments & outcomes" event on December 3, 2010:

"A Neoist Research Project: Daffy Diplomacy":



& the UNLISTED version of the above:



Pittsburgh based musician David Bernabo has started a series

of interviews w/ Pittsburgh musicians & composers

& the 1st one of these is of my respected colleague Ben Opie:



I've also been honored by David Bernabo by his posting

2 excerpts from an interview w/ me:


- 1 in wch I explain my samples made for a gig at the National

Aviary w/ my colleagues Michael Pestel, Ben Opie, Roger Dannenberg

& the great jazz musician Anthony Braxton & others

& 1 in wch I discus my "Usic" theory & my record collection.


My girlfriend of the time, the poet/poem Amy Catanzano, & I gave a sortof

'farewell-to-Boulder' reading at Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Cafe

on June 1, 2011 that's divided into 6 sections here:

tENT & Amy read @ Innisfree - pt 1:


Amy & tENT read @ Innisfree - pt 2:


tENT & Amy read @ Innisfree - pt 3:


Amy & tENT read @ Innisfree - pt 4:


tENT & Amy read @ Innisfree - pt 5:


Amy & tENT read @ Innisfree - pt 6:



"COLONY" - my movie of time spent in Colorado w/ Amy Catanzano,

Paula Gillen, & prairie dogs:



My friend the violinist & composer Ben Harris invited me to guest lecture in an Electro-Acoustic Music Class at Pitt in March of 2011. This led to my eventually making a movie called: "Kit 'n' Caboodle (My Homemade Electronics)" in 2014 wch is broken into 5 parts on YouTube:

"Kit 'n' Caboodle (My Homemade Electronics) - pt 1: Function Generator":


"Kit 'n' Caboodle (My Homemade Electronics) - pt 2: booed usic busking unit":


"Kit 'n' Caboodle (My Homemade Electronics) - pt 3: The Terrence Dougherty":


"Kit 'n' Caboodle (My Homemade Electronics) - pt 4: Speaker Switcher Suitcase":


"Kit 'n' Caboodle (My Homemade Electronics) - pt 5: Total Mobile Home Microcinema Suitcase":



"vocabumemory" is a short movie made in collaboration w/ my friend

Erin Oh. Erin had to make a movie for a class & I suggested that

I sit in my SF nook in my library turning my head from side-to-side

extemporizing a text in wch I was conscious that any word that was

repeated wd be deleted from the sound in the final product

(in both its 1st & any successive iterations):



From 1997 to 2011 I created a sound piece eventually called:

"Reductionism 6 + Interpretive Duncing + Artifacts"

that premiered on July 25, 2011 @ Garfield Artworks in Pittsburgh.

This movie quasi-documents its May-July, 2011 development:



My girlfriend Amy & I went to Massachusetts for a vacation of sorts

& I made my 100th FEATURE entitled "Spectral Evidence".

Here's the trailer for it w/ sound by "Lungs Face Feet":



A quick look at 2 performances of my "Finnegans Wake" inspired

sampler piece entitled "Skeletal Remains":



An audio recording only of "Skeletal Remains" as part of issue 15 of "Textsound":


& it's also in the Textsound archives on Penn Sound:


[Oddly, I don't seem to have a copy of this version on my CD of 19 versions - Did I make a version especially for them?!]


A highly abridged glimpse of one of the every-2-wks musician's meetings at my house: "mm 05":



My movie on effacing logos on one's clothing, "North Deface":


(Also blogged by Justseeds here:

http://www.justseeds.org/blog/2013/02/video_north_deface.html#more )


My jazz-inspired text piece-turned-performance-piece, "J from A to Z":



My tribute to my old friend & collaborator, "Ben Opie":



Perhaps I can claim to've invented a new type of tabulature & a new type of "Transcendental Irrational Harmony" w/ these 2 piano pieces "d composed" in January, 2013E.V.: "Pi(ano Fort)e":



A little over a yr later, I put "Pi(ano Fort)e (the remake)" online:



I finally put my 2005 "Haircut Paradox" movie online:


If any mathematicians view it I'll probably receive scathing comments.


"Blaster" Al Ackerman died on March 17, 2013. In his memory

I uploaded the 2 Philosopher's Union Member's Mouthpieces

made w/ him by Randy George McWilliams:

#00,067: http://youtu.be/nFuoe2AwBxw

#00,068: http://youtu.be/n9LCsAcu2qc


The "the "Official", June 16th, 1991E.V., Something or Another Beach Party Sand Fleas" was the 5th rehearsal of the 'big band' phase of the "Official" Project. It was also vaudeoed by the Ocean City, MD, "Beach Party" cable TV show. "Blaster" Al Ackerman was there as "The Ling Master" sitting in a wheelchair w/ a pillow case over his head w/ one eyehole cut out of it. Clark Snell & Peter Williams wore their "Laughingtree" headgear. I broke the footage of this into the 3 obvious parts for YouTube:

Part 1: tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE explains Neil Feather's "Debacle":


Part 2: the actual rehearsal:


Part 3: the Beach Party interviews & demonstrations:


"The Ling Master" says a few words in Part 3.


An excerpt from my feature "6 Fingers Crossed Country T.Ore/Tour":

"Rhoda Mappo signs John M. Bennett's "The Spitter" May, 1986 Texas":



"the "Official", January 18th, 1992E.V., Fake Partiers"

- broken into 3 parts for YouTube:

Part 1: http://youtu.be/rpYh80gWvpw

Part 2: http://youtu.be/LqBoLNQJEaU

Part 3: http://youtu.be/9BXYWDnxvsE


The super-8 footage of the "First Meeting Re-Enactment #2" that Martha Peterson & I did in San Antonio, texas on Monday, June 9, 1986 was shot by Patty Blaster & incorporated into my "6 Fingers Crossed Country T.Ore/Tour" movie. It's presented here as a separate movie:



A 2 wknd tribute to the recently deceased "Blaster" Al Ackerman was organized by John Berndt & Rupert Wondlowski & held in BalTimOre on June 21 & 22 & 28 & 29. The event was called the "Blasterthon!!!!!!!". I participated in the Friday nite, June 28th event by reading Blaster's "letter to "Kem"" & premiering my movie entitled "This Will Explain". The following version of the reading combines some of both:



Serious students of stochastics may enjoy "The Effects of Flexure on Gnats":



On June 22, 2013, I participated in a Church of the SubGenius Devival in Pittsburgh - in one sense, at least, the 1st I agreed to be a part of for 30 yrs. This was also Tommy Amoeba's birthday party:



I'm fascinated by words - including the full chemical name for the protein Titin which is 189,824 letters long. From June, 2013, to February, 2014 I made a 7:35:41 movie called "Titin" which features the word + footage made with my friend Elisa that includes skydiving & a visit to the Bayernhof Museum. I'd like to screen the movie somewhere, preferably as an installation. With this in mind, I've made an abridged version of it for Vimeo that's only 2:06 long for promotional purposes. It can be witnessed here:



The 1st release event for the "MM 26" CD was at Modernformations Gallery as #4 of the Crucible Sound series organized by Anthony Levin-Decanini:



The 2nd release event for the "MM 26" CD was at Pittsburgh Filmmakers on Tuesday, August 13, 2013:



On January 26, 2014, I held the 37th mm (Musical Saw theme) at my house & Saw player Calder Dudgeon attended & gave a demonstration:



On May 3, 2014, I gave my 4th annual Soap Box Opera speech as part of the 5th annual Polish Hill May Day Parade:



In 2010, I used Mark Dixon's Selectric Piano to create a piece using 195 anagrammatic variations on "Anagrammatic Variations" that featured the words "Catamaran" or "Catamarans". In May, 2014, I turned that into a score called "A Catamaran Animist Vigor" & put :07 of it online on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/96111445


May 22, 2014, saw the beginning of the Pittsburgh New Music Festival in the form of Varispeed's performance of the entirety of Robert Ashley's "Perfect Lives" opera. I rather last minute documented the 6th episode, "The Living Room":



"Keeping Up with the iJoneses #3: 9 to 99 Percussionists performing John Luther Adams's "Inuksuit" around Lake Elizabeth as part of the PFNM (Pittsburgh Festival of New Music), Sunday, May 25, 2014":



Ryan Broughman in Virginia did a piece inspired by my own "A Catamaran Animist Vigor" entitled "A Sarcomata Airing Ant Vim" & I published it on a 4 hr 2 X 120 minute audio cassette compilation called "Odds & Ends - Volume 2" & sent him a copy. He then made this movie & posted it on Vine:



My article about the H.O.M.E. (Horse Opera Meanderthal Encounter) Group - an early microcinema of sorts in BalTimOre entitled: "Meanderthals in Motion (Pictures)" can be read online here:



An early version of the interview that Alan Davies conducted w/ me called

"tENTATIVELY, aN iNTERVIEW" is part of Otoliths 27:



My "txt msg editorial" can be seen on Sibila:



My Resumé up 'til 1980 can be downloaded as a PDF

as A Hundred Posters issue #40 here;



I contributed to the David Franks memorial here:



For a copy of the CD/book/DVD about HiTEC published by Encyclopedia Destructica, go to:


& click on "volumes & issues" & then click on "HiTEC"


For a copy of my book that references my 1st 9 books:



For a recording of my reading as part of the

"Segue at the Bowery Poetry Club" on November 1, 2008:



My record entitled "Mechanically Repetitive / ReRecorded Records RECORD"

was published by Dear Skull Records:



To download my 1989 audio piece entitled

"Drying Clothes Made Entirely Out Of Zippers":



My "Low Classical Usic" essay can be dowloaded as a PDF

as part of the 4th issue of Paraphilia magazine:



My essay about my rubber-stamp use called

"A Collector's Item - 25 Years of Rubber Stamping" is online

as part of OTHERZINE issue 16 @:



My explanation of my movie entitled "Story of a Fructiferous Society"

as a part of OTHERZINE 17 @:



My kvetching about how canonization interferes w/ perception:

"Old & in the Way" in OTHERZINE 18, Spring (February) 2010:



Olivia Ciummo posted an interview w/ me about bk collecting:



Here's an article I wrote about my friend Bruce Stater's writing:



Here's a review I wrote about Gertrude Stein's "The Making of Americans":



My "Statement on What I Value" is in at least 2 places:



I then got threats online as part of the Cognitive Dissidents

Group topic thread from someone that I think is a museum coworker.

These postings are under both "Museums" & "Doctors".


The video of my presentation at THE INFLUENCERS fest in Barcelona in 2004

can be accessed @:


wch surprises me because I was pretty unpopular there.


For 7 volumes of my "Piano Illiterature" on the Internet Archive:

Volume 1: http://www.archive.org/details/Piano_Illiterature_Vol_I_of_II

Volume 2: http://www.archive.org/details/Piano_Illiterature_Vol_II_of_II

Volume 3: http://www.archive.org/details/PianoIlliterature-Volume3

Volume 4: http://www.archive.org/details/PianoIlliterature-Volume4

Volume 5: http://www.archive.org/details/PianoIlliterature-Volume5

Volume 6: https://archive.org/details/Piano_Illiterature_Volume_6

Volume 7: https://archive.org/details/Piano_Illiterature_Volume.7


For 16 volumes of my "Radio" series:


















the "Whoop Up @ the Funny Farm" audio track

from the "Luther Blissett - Open Pop Star" CD

can be downloaded from:



An outdated version or another of the venerable Seven by Nine Squares is available at:



A subset of the above concentrating on my writings being:



S.P.C.S.M.E.F. web-site: <http://idioideo.pleintekst.nl/spcsmef.html>


tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE action reports:



"History Begins Where Life Ends" can be read at:



WIdémoUTH tapes related text: <http://idioideo.pleintekst.nl/WdmUindex.html>


Now available for download, Retrograde Release no. 28, February 2004:

PhonoStatic 27' cassette

Description: <http://psrf.detritus.net/volume/5/k7.html>

(direct download of 11 ogg vorbis file available on above link)

This includes my 8:20 sped-up piano piece entitled:

"It's Not As Easy As You Might Think To Be A Pseudo-Virtuoso (#2)"


Downloads from CD release of Scrape Audio Magazine #1:

"Tone Fones Duet" & "Top Bottom"

are available at:



For a 1992 Campain Song for the ONLY candidate even worth thinking about

w/o getting an electric shock:


- courtesy of Vermin Supreme & the Volunteers Collective





N.A.A.M.C.P.: <http://idioideo.pleintekst.nl/naamcp.html>


I reckon that one of these yrs there'll be a link from here:


to the vaudeo I made about the Industrial Arts Co-Op's Deerhead sculpture.

It might be here:


but when I tried it, it didn't work..


Mottos & Slogans:


"Anything is Anything"

"No More Punching-Bag Clowns!"

"Neoism Now! & Then!";

"Kill Normality Before It Kills You!"

"The Revenge of the Impotent is to Try to Neuter the Fertile"

"Before You Decide Against Biting the Hand That Feeds You,

Ask Why It Has So Much Food in the First Place"


"WE are all UNEQUAL under the LAW & THAT is its PURPOSE!"

"USICIAN, Use Thyself!"




Mad Scientist / d composer / Sound Thinker / Thought Collector / As Been /

PIN-UP (Postal Interaction Network Underground Participant) /

Headless Deadbeat of the Pup tENT Cult /

booed usician / Low Classicist / H.D.J. (Hard Disc Jockey) /

Psychopathfinder / Jack-Off-Of-All-Trades / criminally sane /

Homonymphonemiac / Practicing PromoTextual /

Air Dresser /

Sprocket Scientist / headitor & earchivist / Explicator /

Sexorcist /

Professional Resister of Character Defamation /

Proponent of Classification-Resistant What-Have-Yous /


Princess of Dorkness's Right Hand Man /

Human Attention-ExSpanDex Speculum /

Imp Activist /

SPLEENIUS / Cognitive Dissident


social associations:


nuclear brain physics surgery's cool founder & graduate

Krononaut / Church of the SubGenius Santa / Neoast?! / Pregroperativist

talent scout for Olfactories Organized

S.S.S.B.ite (Secret Society for Strange Behaviour -ite)


(Anti-Secret Society for Strange Behaviour Asshole Son-of-a-Bitch)

member of the I.S.C.D.S. (International Stop Continental Drift Society)

1 time supporter of the ShiMo Underground

Ballooning One in the Fructiferous Society

founder & president of the N.A.A.M.C.P.

(National Association for the Advancement of Multi-Colored Peoples)


co-founder of the S.P.C.S.M.E.F.

(Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Sea Monkeys

by Experimental Filmmakers)


Borderline Kneelite in the KNEEHIGHS GANG

emphatic member of the No-No Class

Street Rat Liberation Front

Money Against Capitalism

What?! Collective


MinXus-Lynxus's Order of the Tangerine Mink

Info Desk PGH (You can sign our Declaration of Rights here:

http://www.infodeskpgh.org/cultural-industry-workers-declaration-of-rights/ )


"Why, if we allow them to think for themselves there would be anarchy!"

- a fictitious quote from Daniel Webster


The PRESENT of Information Storage/Retrieval

lies in understanding how to decode-from/encode-in ANY medium

(such as the surface you're reading this from)


File under DDC#040.002




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