1981. DOC(K)S

It was thanks to Kirby Malone, who was the guest editor, that I was included in this amazing issue of this publication from Julien Blaine. Thank you, Kirby. To quote from my own webpage on part of this subject: 1981. prikalkulilo ktp:

1977. computer etc

No later than 1977 I wrote a piece called "computer etc" which proposed "instructions to computer" to "compute t he existence of a fraction of a sound" "idea".

The concept being to imagine a fraction of a sound - in some sense an 'impossibility' insofar as any portion of a sound is still a whole sound & not a fraction. Steve Estes & I then shot what was my 1st video wch included my reading this text. That can be witnessed on YouTube here:


1981. prikalkulilo ktp

In 1981, Kirby Malone was editing an issue of Julien Blaine's excellent magazine from France, "DOC(K)S", in this case an issue centered around "Elementar Poetry in USA East & West". I was fortunate enough to be invited to be a contributor. One of the 2 pieces I submitted was "prikalkulilo ktp", the Esperanto translation of "computer etc" further complicated.

I took the original "computer etc" piece & compressed it into a smaller area. I also rewrote it adding newer credits & erratically centering it in a way that I preferred as an alternative to left-justification. This centered version was then placed in one of my "Frame of Reference" shapes, a reference to a sculpture of mine from 1975.

This version was then redesigned in Esperanto with the "e"s rendered as accented double "g"s (as part of a greater body of text work in which I substituted letters systematically for "e"s) - with translation from English to Esperanto from Chris Mason. I then took the compressed English version & the centered Esperanto version to a place called "Computer Photo" in a shopping mall south of BalTimOre & had them photographed & turned into dot matrix computer print-outs that eradicated the textual content. The purpose of Computer Photo was to take portraits of customers & produce a dot-matrix print-out as a novelty. Since I was doing something experimental, the woman running the concession didn't charge me. This process was somewhat 'state-of-the-art' as a consumer item of the time.

As one of my submissions to DOC(K)S, I took the centered Esperanto version & its dot-matrix transformation & created a 2 page spread. I didn't use the dot matrix version of the left-justified compression of the English text. When DOC(K)S reprinted "prikalkulilo ktp" the editor(s) titled & credited it incorrectly - no wonder considering how difficult I made it for them! In my scan of this 2 page spread, you can see my hand-written corrections.

- March 2014 notes from tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE

That wasn't my only contribution to the issue, it's just the one I wrote about on my "Writing" website. The other thing was my ad for my February 2, 1981 (Groundhog's Day) "Attempt to Undermine "Reality" Maintenance Traps" (see also Mere Outline 1981) in which I didn't credit at all but if I had it should've been to "id ntity" which would've confused just about everyone, as usual.




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