1983. The Book of the SubGenius

Every once in a while I run across mention online of my contributing artwork to this book - which seems to generally mean collages. Alas, no, making collages doesn't interest me very much even though I find the collages in THE BOOK to be exceptional. In fact, my contribution to the book was minor, as you'll see below.

One of the things that was amazing about this book, aside from its being THE BOOK that has all the answers IF you allow them in through your back door through a process of excremeditation, is that I actually got a royalty check from this 1st edition for $12. That's the 1st & last time that ever happened to me. It's a tribute to the absolute unimpeachable honesty of the grand elders of the Church that people got paid like this (unfortunately, the checks stopped after the 1st edition). While I was looking through my files for a possible photocopy of that check I found THIS instead:

- a promotional flexi-disc!

Here're scans of the 2 places where my presence makes itself felt:

Yes, the biggest mistake I EVER MADE IN MY LIFE was not writing to the Church of the SubGenius in 1980 when I 1st read about it (thanks to "Blaster" Al Ackerman). I was probably too busy.. can you imagine?! If I had written then, instead of at the beginning of 1981, I would've been a Board Member. That would be me having my sperm pumped out by the devout of my choice in my island retreat, surrounded by thousands of my children being used as experiments à là Dr. Moreau. Instead? We won't even go there.

To give credit where credit's due: Richard (Tryzno Ellsberry - who was just using his 1st name in a friendly fashion at the time) made the large Dobbshead stencil. Yes, that's me on the bottom left spraying through the stencil (& Richard barely visible helping press the stencil down). That's also me on the bottom lower right with my head covered by my jacket so that it can (sorta) look like the Dobbshead is my head. I didn't paint the stencil there, maybe Richard did, I just took advantage of it for a photo op (shutfotochins = Sally Hutchins). I'm not sure about the top photo, I don't know where it was taken (Chicago? 1982?) or who photographed it.





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