2023.12.31 Rubber Stamps vs World Dominators!!!!!

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This is the cover as I originally designed it. The printer sd that they wdn't print it unless the text was clearly ifferentiated from the background, as if the aesthetics of iit were any of their business. I changed it to the following:

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tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE's Rubber Stamps vs World Dominators!!!!!

by tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE - January 2, 2024




This is my 18th bk. I've made it small to try to keep it affordable. Nonetheless, it's in full color. It's a history of highlights of my rubber stamp creations. Even if you could care less about rubber stamps you might find it interesting. In a sense, it can be divided into 3 categories: my early rubber stamps, my rubber stamps made for audio cassette publishing, my rubber stamps of the last 20 yrs or so that're self-inking. These latter have a sub-category of stamps that're critical of society as it's become in the last 3.5 yrs+. From a technical standpoint, there's a further subcategory of multi-colored self-inking stamps that I find exciting.

In my simple promotional text I have this to say:

"Since 1978, the author has been designing, making, & getting made rubber stamps.  These are rubber stamps made to serve purposes far beyond the decorative & informative.  From fake bruises to multicolored philosophical challenges to the status quo meant to be out & about these stamps manifest an expansion of what rubber stamps are good for that goes far beyond the pale.  If you're looking for examples of how even the simplest things can be used to subvert the juggernaut of flattened affect then this book is for you."

I'm not talking about stamps to decorate yr Xmas cards. I made a COUNTERFEIT stamp to put on money. That's something you don't see everyday. Even the relatively prosaic stamps made for audio tapes enable a current of rare audio culture to be exposed - from the 1st Language Poetry audio publication, to tapes from B.U.T.N. (Baltimore Underground Telephone Network), to The Tinklers 1st audio publication, to the Church of the Subgenius's very own Drz for "Bob" & Drz for Wotan. This is subversion starting decades before rich people like Banksy came along & turned it into an art world business.


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