Top 100 (28) Pianists

As with all the "Top 100" lists I've compiled or am compiling, this is just my personal favorites, it's not intended as an 'absolutely objective' list of pianists who're 'unquestionably GREAT'. Obviously, I'm not familiar with all the work of all pianists & what I like &/or love is based on personal criteria as well as during what period of my life I was exposed to the work that will differ from the criteria & exposure period of other people interested in the subject. Probably most important is just what the pianist chosen's repertoire is.

[November 17, 2020, note: In the long run, I'm finding it even more impossible than usual to choose pianists to list here: there are very few great pianists in relation to everyone who's ever played piano (such as myself) but a mind-boggling amount of great pianists considering how hard it is to play the most complex music that's out there for the instrument.]

[January 26, 2021, note: Usually I don't include friends of mine on these lists. That way I can avoid all sorts of ego problems. However, I've broken that rule here by including 2 pianists that I've had the great pleasure to play w/: John Henry Nyenhuis & Michael Snow. They're both so phenomenal that I simply can't exclude them.]


- July 26, 2018 note from tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE


001. Ali, Hasaan Ibn

(based on hearing "The Max Roach Trio featuring the Legendary Hasaan" - 1965)

002. Bunger, Richard

003. Burge, David

004. Byard, Jaki

005. Fox, Donal

(based on hearing "Videmus: Works by Anderson, Baker, Fox, Wilson" - 1992)

006. Goldberg, Loretta

(based on hearing "SOUNDBRIDGE: Midi-Grand Piano, Piano, Quartertone Piano" - 1990)

007. Hamelin, Marc-André

008. Helps, Robert

009. Henck, Herbert

010. Hinderas, Natalie

011. Holtzman, David

012. James, Bob

(based on hearing "Bob James Trio - Explosions" - recorded 1965.05.10)

013. Kirstein, Jeanne

014. Kontarsky, Alfons

015. Kontarsky, Aloys

016. Laredo, Ruth

017. Madge, Geoffrey Douglas

018. Masselos, William

019. Miller, Robert

020. Nyenhuis, John Henry

021. Oppens, Ursula

022. Serkin, Peter

023. Shields, Roger

024. Snow, Michael

025. Takahashi, Aki

026. Tatum, Art

027. Taylor, Cecil

028. Tudor, David








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