Mail Art S.

These are all the names I have on the "S" file cards. Some of them weren't Mail Artists, some of them never replied to me, some I intended to write to but never did. some just sent me catalog requests, many were primarily political contacts, some were friends that I knew on a more direct basis, many occupy a gray area between multiple things. Vermin Supreme [on the "S." page here], e.g., is a friend, a political ally, a collaborator, & someone who uses the mail to spread his art. In some cases, such as "Blaster" Al Ackerman, the people are dead.

All of them are somehow related to my massive social outreaches. The ones that I'll make separate pages for that will be linked to here are the ones that were somehow most important to me, the ones who exchanged the most openly & imaginatively with me. Almost every address or contact info I'd have for these people is long since obsolete.

- September 17, 2017 note from tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE


Sackton, Dan

Sacred Cow Productions - Tom Richards / Marta

Sakolsky, Ron - Fool's Paradise

Saks, Erik

Sakura Wrechords

Sanborn, Keith

Sanders, Cynthia & Bakker, Dave - Artifice

San Francisco Art Institute Film Festival

San Francisco International Film Festival - S.F. Film Society

Santini, Stephane - Sounds for Consciousness Rape (filed under radio)

Sapin, Dave - the guy with the big space where the Ultimatum II party was

Sardone, Giancarlo

Sarenco-Club Art Gallery

Sarver, Tom

Sassu, Antonio

Satan, Bill & Higgins, Sherri - Disembraining Songs - International Bureau of Recordist Investigation - S.O.U.N.D. (Southern Ontario Underground Networker's Dispatch)

Saunders, Jack

Sauter, Donald

Schafer, M

Scharff, Steven F. - Chimera Productions

Schaub, Joseph

Scheper, Dave

Schiffer-Renschler, Traute

Schimpfluch c/o Imvluss - Psychic Rally (filed under radio)

Schipper, Thom

Schloss, Arleen

Schmidt, Peter

Schneck (Schenck?), Carol A. & North, Charlie - Shoot - Hallucination

Scholz, Dr. Christian - Gertraud Scholz Verlag

Schraenen, Guy - Libellus - Antwerp International Mail Art Festival

Schubert, Jay

Schull, Carrie

Schultz, Chester

Schultz, Steve

Schupe, Rich

Schütze, Bernard

Schwa - Bill Barker

Schwabe, Kissi

Schwanstein, Rev. Ganglia

Schwartz, Michael - aka Rev. Acidophilus

Schwind, Joe - Kansas College of Collage

Scianna, James V.

Score - DiMichele, Bill & Hill, Craig (see also Hill, Craig)

Scott, D.

Scott, Drake / Florence, Juvio aka Juviodelicious

Scrawling Wall

Scribe Video Center

Seale, G.

Seamans, Mikey

Seditious Delicious - edited by Bru Dye

Segay, Serge & Nikonova, Rea

7U? - Sterling, Guy - there may be another file card for him elsewhere

Segue Foundation - Sherry, James

Semah, Joseph - Markham


Sennitt, Stephen & Louise - Nox

Seppänen, Seppo

Sevcik, Petr

Severn Institute

Sevöl, Reinhardt Underwood - Neoistic Enquiry Unit

Sexton, J.

Sexton, Stephen

Shades of Grey

Shaking Ray Levi Society

Sharp, Rebby

Shattered Images

Shavertron - Richard Toronto

Shaw, Jim

Sheils, Bruce


Shelton, Matthew

Shiley, James - "Chairman" Shimo Underground

Shimamoto, Shozo - Gutai!

Shit Diary

Shoe, Bruce + Dre (Rob & Paula) - Boat Kid / Hobo / Ecologist

Shogaze, Yuzuru

Shores, Bil

Shoup, Wally (reviewer for "improvisor")

Shuford, Carol & Williams, Peter

Shutdown c/o Penny Lane

Sienko, Christopher M.

Siff, Elena

Silent, But Deadly - Mark Nurrell / Ed Special (filed under radio)

Silent Records

Silva, Joan - The Signal

Simmons, Richard

Simon, Jessica

Singer, Leah

Singing Horse Press

Sipapu - c/o Noel Peattie

Six Fingers & A Tail

Sixteenth Note - film club etc in old firehouse

S.J. Organization c/o Pascal Danzier / Sylvie Loquet

Ska TV - N'Tennis - Global Insights

Skeen, Dick

Skeet, Jason - O.J. - Fatuous Times, etc..

Skinner, Doug

Skoczek, Capri

Skoner, Mark


Skulback, Roger

Skulls are Forever

Sloan, De Villo

Small Cruel Party - Ransome, Key

Smalley, Ron

Smallville Funny Farm - Duh Fitchi, Leonardo

Smith, Carolyn

Smith, Ian - Peculius Odd Job Lowlife

Smith, John - Interchange

Smith, Paul B. - G.S.B.B.T.O.U.C.

Smith, Suzanne

Smolders. Ios - Vital (see also & Viergever)

Snell, Clark

Snow, Michael

Societe Anonyme

Société de Conservation du Présent, La - Dubé, Jean + Coté?, Philippe, Jack V, etc..

Society for the Elimination of TV - Mary Dixon

Soell, Matt

Sol, Billy

Soleilmoon Recordings

Some Chicago Anarchists

Sondheim, Alan

Sonic Tiger Music

Sonixtremes - Ragland, Cathy & Rodriquez, Johnny

S.O.S. / Center on Contemporary Art

Sotelo, Joel - KVAG (filed under radio)

Sound Choice - Audio Evolution Network - David Ciaffardini

Sounsdcape Newsletter - Forum für Klanglandschaft

Sound Symposium - Sound Arts Initiatives, Inc.

Soundzine - Jay

S. London AAA

Southern Circuit c/o South Carolina Arts Commission

Space, The

Spagyric Cassette Label - Damian Bisciglia

Spastic Culture / ed: Campbell, Kalynn

Spector, Matthew

Spero, David

Spiro (s) c/o Nitwit Maggot Contelligence

Sprinkle, Annie


Squeaky Shoes Records - Alvaro Peña-Rojas

Squealer, The c/o Squeaky Wheel - Buffalo Media Resources, Inc


Staalplaat - store + label (Staaltape) + pirate radio show - see also De Waard, Franz

Stagnaro, Umberto & Chillemi, Giuseppe - Comune di Finale Ligure

Stain Stele

Staker, Brian - Arrested Development Magazine

Stamm, Ed

Stark, Scott - Cinematograph


Starkman Concern, The

State of Being - Wood, Reid

Stater, Bruce + Connerley, Lori - Kino Ethics Society

Station Hill Press - Quasha, George & Susan

Steele, Mark P (Icarus)

Steele, Steve "Sleaze"

Steinberg, Eric - Ning / Visual Music / SubG friend

Stempler, Dennis

Stenhouse, Andy - CELL

Stepback, Chuck

Stephan, Thomas - Ume No Kaisha

Sterno, Rev (Keckhaver of Arkansas SubGenius Clench)

Stevenson, Jack - Pandemonium

Stewart, Joffre

Stick It In Your Ear - review magazine devoted to K7s

Stickney, Pamelia

Stiletto - Schreiner, Frank - Stiletto Design Hospital

Stirnemann, Manfeed (m. vänci)

Stitt, Andre (Uncle Stitt)

Stone, Skip - FSAC

Stone, T.

Stop the Draft!

Strada, Giovanni - Sixteenth Studio

Strange Magazine (Fortean)

Strange Noise c/o John Rickman

Straniero, Lo (The Stranger) - Ignazio Corsaro

Stratified Cesspool of Thought, The

Stratton, M

Straub, Eleonore - did the swimming pool installation

Strawn, John - Riddle Catcher Mag

Strecker, Candi

Strelocke, Claudia

Stribling, Akio

Stroffolino, Chris

Stucco Toast, Rev.

Stuckens, Guy & Mam

Stuckey, Martine

Studio R - c/o Gaismaier

Stull, Matthu

Sturgis, Sue

Stylites, Simeon - CPPE

SubGenius, The Church & Foundation of the

SubSpace - Greg Smith

Subterranean Records - Sanchez, Phil

Suburban Relapse - Barry - Video Zine

Suckdog, Lisa aka Carver, Lisa

Sugarthorn Studios 2000 - Oodoogerroo Sheevashnago Tootoohee

Sugden, Ricki - Niño

Summer, Rev. Paul - Rainbow Dragon Free Press / P.A.N. Tex

Summers, Rod - V.E.C. Audio Exchange

Supreme, Vermin

Surveillance Camera Players, The - Not Bored!

Sutter, Tom

Swan, Dallas


Swinging Axe Productions - Rady Greif

Syphrit, Rev. John A.

Systematic Record Distribution

Szczelkun, Stefan Andrzej

Szlaynics, Chiyoko

Szombathy, Balint (Art Lover)

Sztuka Fabryka

Szymczak, Kristof










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