Top 100 Composers: Ros Bandt

I don't recall ever knowing about Ros Bandt until I was in Melbourne, Australia, in their fall of 2000, visiting Warren Burt when, in his usual enthusiastic networking spirit, he introduced her to me. My traveling companion & collaborator etta cetera & I went to her home on April 26, 2000 where she proceeded to dazzle us with the multiplicity of her skills & her projects.

On May 19, 2000 we connected with her again & she took us to the site of "The Stack" from which she'd gotten a piece of red steel pipe that she used as a percussion instrument in a piece inspired by the exhaust stack from whence it came.

Ros is that combination of talents & interests that appeals to me very strongly: she's a site-specific sound artist, an instrument inventor & builder, a scholar, a multi-instrumentalist, a visual artist, a person not limited to a single focus. She gave me her "footsteps" CD, shown below.

I edited the footage of her into an 8:24:43 movie called "Don't Walk Backwards" which I was done with editing about a year later in March, 2001. I decided that I wasn't happy with it & didn't even want to try to screen it until I edited it further. However, since I was editing from home VHS deck to home VHS deck without an editing interface I had little enthusiasm for tackling the task again & it gradually slid to being too low of a priority as I got involved with other projects.

I did make many shorts from the "Don't Walk Backwards" footage & showed some of them & put some online. It wasn't until the fall of 2017, though, that I finally extracted some of the music & sound art related sections & edited those into separate pieces to put online. I put all of "Don't Walk Backwards" online too. The images below are 1st, from her CD, 2nd, from the "Ros Bandt" movie. - November 22, 2017 note from tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE



"Wake-up Call"

"From the Greenhouse"





"Aeiral View of the Greenhouse"

"Billy Tea in the Rain"


"Autumn Leaves"

"Coventry in West Brunswick"

"Stepping Out From Dorcas Street"


The only other recording that I have by her that I know of is from the Austral Voices compilation CD with a piece called "Genesis" (9:27) published by the New Albion label in 1990.



This shows Ros with the clay urns she made that were part of a sound installation about endangered Australian Aboriginal languages

Ros playing recorder

Ros playing psaltery

Part of a large Aeolian Harp that Ros made that was an outdoor installation

A copy of a Percy Grainger score that Ros drew

Ros playing an instrument she made that was inspired by Harry Partch's Cloud Chamber Bowls

A still from an interactive computer installation of Ros's

A map showing the tunnel for which a ventilation stack was built that inspired a piece of Ros's

Inside the aforementioned tunnel

The top of the ventilation stack for the tunnel

Ros playing a piece of the stack piping that she's turned into a percussion instrument

A closer look at the piece of ventilation stack pipe + the specially made mallets for it

Ros explaining the STACK project to tENT & etta

Images of a silo being used as a giant resonating chamber from one of Ros's records

One of Ros's scores

Another one of Ros's scores

Yet another one of Ros's scores

Photographs relevant to one of Ros's site specific pieces

The above captions are from memory. They may be incorrect but are probably mostly or entirely ok.







idioideo at verizon dot net


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