Top 100 Composers: Jacob Druckman

I like Druckman's work, he's in the category of composers who used electronics & that's almost enough to insure his inclusion in my "Top 100 Composers". But not quite, there has to be more than that to him. & there is. Still, he's not as 'out there' as most people I like, he's not that original. If I include Druckman will I then include Donald Erb? (YES) Mario Davidovsky? (YES) Charles Wuorinen? Michael Colgrass? Is Druckman a gateway drug to academic electronic music composers? When I think of work using Buchla synthesizers I think mainly of Morton Subotnick. Listening to Druckman's "Synapse. Valentine" (there should be a right-pointing arrow under the word "synapse") it sounds like a Buchla to me (but might not be). I'm not going to look it up online. I'm grateful for the quantity of information available there but I get sick of consulting it sometimes. It's fun to rely on my own memory & perceptions - even if I'm wrong. For all I know, no-one reads these things anyway.

When I like a composer & want to listen to his or her work in an ordered chronological fashion I tend to look through my collection of recordings by them & to then rerecord them into tape retrospectives. I've done that with many or most of the 'Top 100'. I did it with Roger Reynolds, e.g.. Then, of course, I tend to find more recordings by them. Sometimes I make a 2nd version of their retrospectives or I just add on addenda. The retrospectives for Schoenberg, Cage, & Stockhausen are HUGE. Below is the list of 2 tapes's worth of Druckman followed by the recordings I either forget to include in the retrospective or that I've added to my collection since. There's quite possibly more on other tapes but I don't feel like scrutinizing them all right now so this will suffice as the list of Druckman work that I've heard.

- November 21, 2017 note from tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE


Jacob Druckman Retrospective Volume 1 of 2: 1962-1970?:

Side 1: 1962? to 1966:

01. "Dark Upon the Harp" - 1962? - 21:58

02. "Antiphonies" - 1963 - 8:09

03. "String Quartet No. 2" - 1966 - 18:40

Side 2: 1966 to ?:

04. "Animus I" (electronics & trombone) - 1966 - 13:00

05. "Animus II" (electronics & mezzo-soprano & percussion) - ? - 20:07

06. "Animus III" (electronics & clarinet) - ? - 15:39


Jacob Druckman Retrospective Volume 2 of 2: 1971-1980:

Side 1: 1971 to 1972:

07. "Synapse. Valentine" (the word "synapse" should have a right-pointing arrow under it in the title) (electronics & contrabass) - 1971 - 18:21

08. "Windows" - 1972 - 21:00

Side 2: 1977 to 1980:

09. "Chiaroscuro" - 1977 - 15:03

10. "Aureole" - 1979 - 12:10

11. "Prism" - 1980 - 22:26


other works that aren't on the retrospective tapes:

"Incenters" - 1968 - 12:40

"Come Round" - 1972 - 24:08 - New York New Music Ensemble CD

"Delizie Contentee che L'Alme Beate" for woodwind quintet and tape - 1973 - 11:00

"Viola Concerto" - 1978 - 21:41

"Brangle" - 1988-1989 - 22:13

"Counterpoise" - 1994 - 17:37













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