1983. Falling Annual Livingroom Video Festspiel 83 catalog

Niels Lomholt of Lomholt Formular Press participated in the 1st International Neoist Apartment Festival in Montréal, Sept 17-21, 1980, No-Galero (Monty Cantsin (Istvan Kantor) 's apartment). It was probably thanks to this neoist connection that I started corresponding with him in 1981 which I continued to do until 1997. In that time I sent him 20 mailings & he replied with 9:

Of my 20, 9 are documented on his Mail Art web archive:


I partially attribute the lack of documentation about all 20 to my having used so many names & having been generally uncategorizable. Looking over my records shown above I was astonished to find that in my very 1st mailing to Lomholt Formular Press I sent him the original & only copy of a super-8mm film of mine called "Testing". I remember this film as basically a somewhat failed experiment in which I wrote the word "testing" in sand using the lens of the camera. Still, I would never give away an original film now!!

Niels invited me to contribute video to the "Falling Annual Livingroom Video Festspiel 83" to which I contributed a compilation video that I must've made under very bad conditions given that I wouldn't've even had a VCR at the time. The compilation had work by me & a few BalTimOre based friends & collaborators of mine:

"Train Tunnel T.Ore & Tiger"

(a version of which is on my Vimeo channel here: https://vimeo.com/160516148 )

"Pee on "Bob"'s Head"

"Subtitles (Super 8 Vaudio Version)"

"Heart Rob" (by Laure Drogoul)

"Brain One" (by The Dork Brothers)

"Fish Story" (by The Dork Brothers)

"Gender Fuck Party Closet Film"

(made by Rick & on my onesownthoughts YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/sXQ_CVS_5_8 )

"A Double Negative As Not A Positive"

(on my onesownthoughts YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/OSxlaMSynjE )

"Balti-Media Edition & Science Fair" (by Doug Retzler & Axis Video)

In retrospect, this was a very solid body of work that some might've found a bit 'transgressive'.

The festival seems like it was probably extremely interesting - with work provided by (original catalog spelling preserved):


A+A Brand/Maschmann - Berlin, BRD

The Basement Group - Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

Nancy J.S. Bechtol - Chcago, USA

Peter Below - Wurzburg, BRD

Guy Bleus - Wellen, Belgien

Erick Bock - København, Denmark

Guglielmo Achille Cavellini - Brescia, Italien

Albrecht D - Stuttgart, BRD

Claudia DeMonte - New York, USA

FOMT - Larne, N. Ireland

Brian King - Shankill, Irland

Helen Lait Kluge - Nødebo, Denmark

Pat Kelley - Whittier, USA

Stuart Bender

Kyoji Kojima - Togo-cho Aichi-gun, Japan

Antal Lux - Berlin, BRD

Anders Ljungman - Stockholm

Mertens & Mertens - Hamburg, BRD

Robert C. Morgan - Rochester, USA

Minoy - Redonodo Beach, USA

Carlos Pittore - New York, USA

Sluik/Kurpershoek - Amsterdam, Holland

Werner Schiedel - Hamburg, BRD

Joseph Somogyi - Hamburg, BRD

Gabor Toth - Budapest, Ungaren

Tentative - Baltimore, USA

Vaerksted Vaerst - København, Danmark

Angela Zumpe - Berlin, BRD

Spazio Video/2 - Salerno, Italien

Torben Søborg - Haslev, Denmark

Cartsen Schmidt-Olsen, Hjørring, Denmark

Niels Lomholt - Falling, Denmark


As is typical of the best of Mail Art, this was an international crowd. I'm sure it was fantastic. The catalog is very nicely done, presumably printed by Lomholt Formular Press using either offset or mimeograph in such a way that different pages have different inkings - with some pages having the type of 2 color inking where one color is put in the ink drum at one end & another at the other end so that there's a color transition across the middle of the page. The cover has a black & white photograph glued on & the title seems to've been handwritten directly on too.







idioideo at verizon dot net


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