1986. The Abolition of Work and other essays

Yet another book that would be ridiculous to include here in this collection of books in which I have something &/or in which I'm mentioned if I weren't being all-inclusively thorough. Bob & I probably 1st started corresponding in the beginning of 1981. I was impressed by his phenomenal punninglinguistics, by his placing personals encouraging correspondence with psychopaths, & by his politics - wch, at the time, I thought were akin to my own. The following excerpt from "The Cult To End All Cults" was written under the pen-name of "Rev. St. Mahatma Propagandhi":

I quote from my Mere Outline 1982 webspage about this:

"Anti-Music with/against Drz 4 "Bob"

- 2nd Church & Foundation of the SubGenius Convention, Radisson Hotel, Chicago, us@

- September 4, 1982

- Having been invited to play "anti-music" with "Drz 4 "Bob"" I came prepared with timers & flashers as my instruments. While the good Drz tried to play, I plugged all of their equipment into my devices causing them to either have pulsing power or no power at all. Apparently I blew at least 1 of their amps which wasn't my intention. I was simply trying to disrupt anything "musical" that they might try to do. 1 of the band leaders, Reverend Sterno, got increasingly irate & followed me around unplugging my devices. The climax of all this was when I got so frustrated by Sterno's interference with my interference that I clubbed him over the head with 1 of my timers. I wasn't very popular with the Church of the SubGenius for awhile after that but Sterno seems to have forgiven me."

In retrospect, I regret hitting Sterno on the head. He was, & still is, one of my favorite people, a highly interesting & outrageous human being whose blog entitled "Schteemornodichzhoyfaucz" is a real mindfuck.

On the other hand, every day of my life people tried to debase & humiliate me into submission (it didn't work) & it was a pretty big disappointment to be too weird for the SubGenius Convention too.




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