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There are at least 8 major published bks of neoist history & philosophy: "The Neoist Network's First European Training Camp" (June, 1982), "Neoism Now" (1986), "The Assault on Culture" (1988), "The Art Strike Papers" (1991), "Neoism, Plagiarism & Praxis" (1995), "The House of Nine Squares" (1997), "Neoismus" (1997), & "A NEOIST RESEARCH PROJECT" (no publishing date given).

Of all of these, this one is probably by far my favorite. It's printed in stark black & white, the text is mostly in CAPITALS & has the look of having originated using a dot matrix printer - perhaps seemingly dating it from a 'poor' man's computer usage of the 1980s & 1990s. The images are in such high contrast that it's often difficult to 'read' them & they'd probably be generally incomprehensible to just about anyone but me & a very few others.

In fact, that characterizes the whole bk. WHO WD READ THIS?! Pondering, it occurs to me that only the bk's editor & myself wd read it cover-to-cover. It even seems possible that NO woman will EVER read it. & that even includes women who've participated in neoist festivals such as Gail Litfin, Casandra Von Rinteln, Eugenie Vincent, Sin-Dee Heidel, Nancy Andrews, Laure Drogoul, & etta cetera. The 1st 2 being dead is no excuse: a dedicated neoist &/or anti-neoist wd read this bk even post-mortem.

WHO ON EARTH WD GIVE A FLYING FUCK-A-DOODLE-DOO-DOO ABOUT THESE PSYCHOTIC LOSERS?! Or even understand what they're talking about?! The bk's divided into 5 sections: "ACTIVATIONS", "APT FESTS", "LANGUAGE", "NEOISM", & "REPLICATION". I'm not even sure that it's even always clear what the differences between the sections are. It's all so damned abstruse & obtuse. That, of course, is exactly why this is the most important bk on philosophy ever published. After all, "TRANSGRESSION RECOGNIZING ITSELF A LAW", right?

Have to admit, though, that the language is quite sophisticated & that advanced readers seeking opacity need not even open the cover of the bk to get the idea. Sortof. If you read no other section, make sure you read the "APT 81 TIM(NN) LAPS(NN) M(NN)MORY KRONOLOGY" for wch you'll need, unless you're about 14 yrs old w/ great eyesight (or hindsight), a magnifying lens. For that matter, read the rest of it w/ a magnifying lens - preferably outside on a very sunny day.

You cd look at this bk every day for the rest of yr life & still not be sure if the shoe's buttered on the other ft or not or if the "Blaster" & "Oz" are just figments of each other's imaginations. Personally, I support the theory in paragraph 8.





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